1253 Q&A - Cluster Permanent Supportive Housing (785)

  1. Q: Under Deliverables it indicates: "Hire and maintain a full complement of Rehabilitation Services Associate (RSA) level staff. For Colbert Class Members will need to include a Lead Case Manager and Case Managers for each shift, in addition to a Licensed Nurse to provide 365 days, 24 hours per day resource supports to the Cluster Housing office within 45 days after notification of the award. The Licensed Nurse should provide services one day per week and be available by phone from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. The Licensed Nurse services shall not include any services that would require a physician's orders".
    1. Does this require staffing for 24 hours a day (RSA level) for both Williams and Colbert or just when serving Colbert Class Members?
    2. Is the LPN requirement for both Williams and Colbert Class Members or just Colbert?
    3. Is the case manager requirement for both Williams and Colbert Class Members or just Colbert?

    A: For both. Initially, the program was designated for Williams class members but now it includes Colbert.

  2. Q:  Regarding the revised information for this grant. Initially the grant was not limited to a specific area however in the revision it indicates we would need to select one of the locations listed below. Does this limit the grant edibility to only providers in the Chicago area?

    A: It is limited to providers in the Chicago area.

  3. Q:  Do we need to have 3 case managers, one for each shift, including the overnight shift while clients are sleeping?  If we already have RSA's on staff overnight, are the case managers still necessary?

    A:  An overnight case manager is not needed. RSA staff will suffice for 3rd shift.