0635 Q&A - Psychiatric Medications (574)

  1. Q:  Can indirect be charged under this grant?  The NOFO talks about charging indirect costs, but then there is also a statement under the Deliverables that states the grantee is required to spend no less than 85% of funds for the purchase of medications. So is the 15% really "indirect".

    A:  Yes. Indirect Cost may be charged to the Psych Medication grant depending on the approved base of the Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate. Per the NOFO section A (2) deliverables, 85% of the funds must be spent for medications purchase. Other 15% of the funds can be spent on purchase of medication or any other allowable cost including indirect cost to meet the deliverables.

  2. Q:  [Agency] want clarification regarding Performance Standards - a. 95% of consumers receiving meds funded through this program have applied for Medicaid benefits in the last 24 months. But the income threshold for the performance standards are "at or below 400% of FPL". If we have patients who are at this income threshold, we know they are not Medicaid eligible so we would normally not have them apply. I understand the overall objective of the grant is to make sure people have a last resort source for psychiatric medication funding, but I'm not sure how we would meet that 95% application rate.

    A:  The standard indicates 95% are to apply not that that they be eligible to apply.