2539-02 Q&A - Crisis Care System (590-02)

  1. Q:  We receieved an email during the first round that our application and attachments were receieved; however, we haven't received an email letting usknow if it was accepted or denied.

    A: If you did not receive an email during the first round that your application was ineligible this means that your application was "accepted" (received).  The Merit Based Review process is in progress for all applicants who were deemed eligible for review, and DMH will be continuing the evaluation of these proposals during the posting period of this NOFO.

  2. Q:  We submitted and signed our budget late under NOFO# 22-444-22-2539-01 and were ineligible.  Do we need to Retract the submitted budget from 22-444-22-2539-01 and Submit to IDHS and change the NOFO # to 22-444-22-2539-02 and then resubmit the budget and have it signed again?

    A:  Yes, you will need to retract your budget and update the NOFO number and go through the executive signature process to submit.

  3. Q:  Is there any information on areas not covered?  Is DMH able to identify geographies for which the Department is lacking adequate coverage?

    A:  Because these NOFOs are still open, we cannot share covered areas.

  4. Q:  Are you able to tell us what counties are not covered at this time?

    A:  Because these NOFOs are still open, we cannot share covered areas.

  5. Q:  We understand providers had requested extensions to the original 590 NOFO and those extensions were denied, requiring a condensed timeframe to submit an application. What is the difference with this new NOFO from the original one?

    A:  The only differences are related to the posting identifiers, application with the different posting identifiers and the deadline for response.

  6. Q:  Does the Division intend to negotiate with providers upon award of a NOFO - i.e. - rates, geography, etc.?

    A:  Negotiations are always a possibility with regard to budgetary items as well as any conditions that the merit based review determine must be met for an award to be made. Providers will be expected to provide services to the geographic area identified within their geographic area. It should be noted that consistent with earlier Q&A response, "Any applicant responding to the NOFO is required to indicate the counties that they propose to serve. This is to ensure coverage and allow DMH to complete a gap analysis for any counties that are not covered based on initial responses. It is possible that there could be multiple awards made that include overlap of counties." Gap Analysis will not be conducted until awards are made.

  7. Q:  When will the Division make a decision regarding NOFO awards?

    A:  As the NOFO states award decisions will be in June 2021.

  8. Q:  Does the Division have an identified process to determine awards for applications that overlap counties and zip codes?

    A:  It is possible that there could be multiple awards made that include overlap of counties.

  9. Q:  If after completion of this second round of application requests, is the Division confident a sufficient number of providers and geography will be covered in awards? What is the process if gaps in service geography are identified?

    A:  We cannot be certain if there will be gaps after analysis of awards. If there is, then the Division would have the option to release a NOFO targeted to those gaps.

  10. Q:  If we submitted an application for the initial 590 NOFO that was due on 5/12 and we never received an email that the application was "ineligible", are we able to submit another application? With there being more time provided and having the ability to digest all of the Q&As, we would like to revise our proposal. Is this an option? What would we need to do if it is an option?

    A:  Applicants whose responses were ineligible were already notified. If you submitted a proposal and did not receive a notice of ineligibility, then your application has been sent through the Merit Based Review process. Revisions are not allowed for a proposal once the deadline has passed, so there is no option to revise your proposal. While you could submit an application for the new NOFO that is different from your original proposal for the first NOFO, this would require you to withdraw from consideration your original application for the first NOFO, which would likely result in a delay in notification of funding decision.

  11. Q:  Why don't I see the budget uploaded in the gata system to be approved?

    A:  The reason you do not see your budget in the GATA System is because it is because the CSA System is a standalone system for which you have to have different login information.  The budget gets uploaded and submitted in the CSA Tracking system which requires that you have different credentials than what you have for the GATA Portal. Please follow below directions in order to sign off on the proposed budget.

    To submit a GATA Budget, an organization must register with the CSA Tracking System. Please visit the CSA Tracking System page on the IDHS website for instructions on how to register.

    Organization staff that enter budget information should have a valid User ID, external Illinois.gov ID and Password provided by DoIT. Staff who enter budget information must also list its Executive Director (or equivalent) or Chief Financial Officer (or equivalent) in order to sign off on the proposed budget. If your organization has already registered in CSA Tracking System, you still must list the Executive Director (or equivalent) or Chief Financial Officer (or equivalent). If you have not registered in the State's Centralized Repository Vault (CRV), please do so. Please visit the CRV page on the IDHS website for instructions on how to register.

    After you have successfully completed the prerequisites, you can login to the CSA Tracking System.  The screen will ask you for your User ID and Password

  12. Q:  Does the CEO have to sign off on the budget in CSA?

    A:  It doesn't have to be CEO. The staff who signoff on the CSA budget must be at the executive level.