WAG 02-08-02-a: Interview

PM 02-08-02-a

revised manual materialExpedited Interview Scheduling Process

  • new manual textAttempt the first cold call with the applicant.
  • new manual textIf the household has voicemail available and the first call was unsuccessful, schedule the expedited interview in the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) scheduling module.
  • new manual textDuring the second cold call, provide the date and time of the expedited interview in the voicemail.
  • revised manual textDo not send an IL444-0267T Appointment Notice to the applicant if a voicemail has been left with interview details. Suppress the IL444-0267T Appointment Notice.
  • new manual textOnce the expedited interview has been scheduled and the voicemail has been left with the interview details, a case comment must be left on the Application Summary - Details page that includes the interview date and time.
  • revised manual textIf the applicant returns the call after interview is scheduled in IES and the interview can be conducted, the worker should claim the application by selecting Transfer/Claim. This will allow the appointment date and time to become available in the scheduling queue.

Conduct a telephone interview when an office interview is waived (see PM 02-06-01-b). Only send Form IL444-0267T to schedule an interview appointment when a voicemail is unable to be left for the applicant. Do not issue Form IL444-0267 Verification Checklist requesting verification before or when scheduling an expedited interview appointment. Only issue a IL444-0267 VCL once the interview is complete and follow expedited processing timeframes.

After the interview is held, if the applicant:

  • is eligible and all eligibility factors are verified at the interview, issue expedited benefits, run eligibility and certify ongoing benefits; or
  • is eligible but verifications are postponed, issue expedited benefits for:
    • 1 month if the application was filed on or before the 15th of the month; or 
    • 2 months if the application was filed after the 15th of the month; and
      • Issue IL444-0267 VCL to the applicant and allow 10 days to return the needed verifications. IES will display an Alert 2 days prior to the due date of the Form IL444-0267 VCL.
      • A central IL444-0360C Notice of Decision will be sent to the SNAP household with the statement: If you were asked to provide additional verifications, these must be submitted before additional SNAP benefits will be approved.
      • Do not obtain a second signature page. No additional registration is required in IES. The Alert is displayed in IES indicating "SNAP has not yet been disposed". 
  • If the applicant waives the right to an expedited interview or fails to keep the scheduled expedited interview, process the application using regular processing timeframes. Document the reason for using regular processing timeframes Case Comments.

EXAMPLE 1: A SNAP application was received for Mr. R in the Expedited Queue in IES. Because Mr. R is potentially eligible for expedited SNAP benefits, and two cold calls were placed with no success, revised textand Mr. R did not have voicemail, an interview must now be scheduled for Mr. R. in order to determine eligibility. An IL444-0267T must be sent no later than the following business day to Mr. R with interview scheduled within 14 days from the application date. No other information is requested on the IL444-0267T. Once the interview has been conducted with Mr. R, and all electronic sources have been used first to verify income, the eligibility worker can now send an IL444-0267 VCL to request any additional verifications required and allow 10 calendar days for Mr. R to submit his verifications.

new manual textEXAMPLE 2:  A SNAP application was received for Ms. Q in the Expedited Queue in IES.  Because Ms. Q is potentially eligible for expedited SNAP benefits, the worker would need to place two cold calls. After the second cold call was placed, and prior to leaving a voicemail, the worker scheduled an interview through the IES scheduling module.  The worker left a voicemail and included the date and time of the interview. The IL444-0267T Appointment Notice was suppressed by the worker. The worker also left comments on the Application Summary - Details page indicating a voicemail was left with the date and time of the scheduled interview.