WAG 02-08-01: Who Can Get Expedited Service

PM 02-08-01.

new manual textExpedited Service Screening

Example1: OB is applying for SNAP. OB states his gross monthly income of $1,000. He is paying $300 court-ordered child support monthly for two children. His monthly rent is $600 and he is billed for heat and air. When determining if OB meets the criteria to be expedited, OB' s gross monthly income ($1,000) minus the child support income exclusion ($300) results in countable income of only $700. His rent ($600) plus the Air Conditioning/Heating Standard ($626) is $1,226. OB states he has $45 cash on hand and is behind in paying his utility expenses. Financial management has been explained. OB qualifies for expedited service. His gross (countable) monthly income, cash on hand and money in the bank is less than the total of his rent plus the utility standard. The $300 child support payment is excluded from OB's total gross monthly income ($1,000). The difference ($700) is the countable income for SNAP ($700 x .80).  Child support payments are not allowed as an expense deduction in the SNAP benefit calculation

Example 2: Ms. J is applying for SNAP. She is a self-employed beautician. Ms. J's gross monthly self-employment income is $1,500. She has allowable monthly business expenses of $150. Her rent is $950 and she is billed for heat and air. She has a checking account with a balance of $50. The allowable business expense ($150) is deducted from Ms. J's  self-employment income $1,500. The difference ($1,350) is the countable income for SNAP ($1,350 x. 80). Ms.J qualifies for expedited service. Her countable) monthly income ($1,350) and money in the bank ($50) is less than the total rent ($950) plus the utility standard ($686)