PM 02-08-01: Who Can Get Expedited Service

WAG 02-08-01

Give SNAP applicants expedited service when:

  • the SNAP household's gross nonexempt income and liquid assets are less than their monthly rent or their mortgage payment and the appropriate utility standard; or
  • the SNAP household has liquid assets of $100 or less and gross monthly income for the month of application is less than $150; or
  • the SNAP household has liquid assets of $100 or less and at least one person applying is a migrant who is "out of funds."

new manual textNote: For SNAP households whose income is from self-employment, the allowable business expense amount is excluded from self-employment income when determining if the household qualifies for expedited service. See PM 08-04-01-b and WAG 08-04-01-b.

For SNAP households with a member paying court-ordered child support, the court-ordered child support amount is excluded from the household's total gross income when determining eligibility for expedited service. A deduction is not allowed in the benefit calculation. See PM 13-01-07.