PM 02-07-04: Verification of Questionable Information

WAG 02-07-04.

Verify information that is questionable and that affects an applicant's eligibility or benefit amount. Determine whether or not to verify questionable information based on the particular circumstances of the benefit unit.

Information might be considered questionable if information on the application does not agree with:

  • statements made by the applicant; or
  • other information on the application; or
  • information received by the Family Community Resource Center.

Verify questionable information that might affect SNAP eligibility and the benefit amount.

  • Verify any factor that affects who is included in the SNAP unit, such as the number of people in the SNAP unit and status of boarders.

For groups of individuals, generally accept their statement about whether or not they purchase and prepare food together.

  • Verify questionable citizenship.
  • If there is a question about whether or not someone in the SNAP unit voluntarily quit work, verify the information.
  • Verify deductible expenses if questionable and if allowing the expense would result in a deduction.