WAG 02-05-12-b: FCRC Responsibilities

Each Family Community Resource Center has a liaison for Sheridan Release Project applicants. The liaison is the Intake Administrator (IA), or the FCRC Administrator for offices without an IA.

Responsibilities of the Sheridan Release Project Liaison

  1. Receive the application packet from the Sheridan Re-Entry team.
  2. Establish a separate file for applications received from Sheridan inmates.

    NOTE: If the person will be living with a spouse or child who is included in an active case, forward the information to the worker responsible for the relative's case. The worker will add the person to the current case. If the person is living with other persons who are receiving SNAP benefits, the person is referred to the correct worker to determine if they should be included in the existing case.

  3. Set a control for each application for the projected date of release. Applications are not registered until the release date.
  4. Assure that an interview appointment is scheduled for the day after the release date.

    NOTE: If the person wants medical assistance only, an interview is not required.

  5. Monitor the application process to assure that the application is processed promptly.
  6. Serve as the contact person between the FCRC and the Sheridan Release Team.

Special Intake Processing Procedures

  1. Review the application packet and any other information provided, and complete required clearances.
  2. Complete Form 4121, Instructions to Applicant from DOC Facility, to schedule an eligibility interview for the day after the expected release date. Schedule an interview for cash or SNAP benefits. For medical only requests, do not schedule an interview.
  3. Send Form 4121 and Form 267-TPL, Medical Insurance Inquiry, to the Re-entry Liaison at Sheridan to notify the applicant of the interview date and time. Send Form 4121 to Sheridan so it reaches the inmate before they are released.
  4. Register the application and complete the mail-in screening process on the scheduled release date. The date of application is the date of release. Register the application for cash, medical, and SNAP benefits unless the applicant states otherwise.
  5. Complete the interview when required, and process the application as soon as all the required information is received.
    1. For cash applications, do not authorize cash benefits before the 30th day; see PM 17-02.
    2. Complete an assessment of needs for TANF cash applications, and those other applicants that request assessment services. When completing the assessment, make sure to include the substance abuse aftercare activities developed by the Sheridan Re-Entry Team.