WAG 02-04-03-d: Application Signatures

An application must contain a name, address and signature. 

revised textApplications electronically submitted through ABE for Cash, Medical and SNAP are not accepted without an electronic signature.

Telephonic Signature

The ability to obtain a telephonic signature is only available through the ABE Customer Call Center.

The telephonic signature is obtained at the end of the interview. The telephonic signature will be recorded and accessible in Content Management. Without the telephonic signature, an application has not been filed.

Dropped or Incomplete Calls

If the call is dropped during the phone interview and the telephonic signature was not collected, ABE Call Center staff will attempt to contact the caller to complete the interview. If unable to reach the caller, the call center worker will make a case note and create a task for tracking.

The following business day, an assigned worker from the ABE Call Center will review all dropped or incomplete calls.

  • If the applicant has since completed the call, no additional action is required.
  • If the applicant has not called back to complete the application process, ABE Call Center staff will mail Form 2380, Notice of Incomplete Application, along with Form 2378B, Application for Cash-Medical-SNAP to the applicant.
  • All registered documents with no telephonic signature are denied by ABE Call Center staff the following day. The denial is completed with a Type Action 05 Type Action Reason 60. Suppress the notice.