WAG 02-04-03: Who Signs the Application

PM 02-04-03

When unmarried adults on the same application qualify for MAGI programs, workers must split and register separate cases in IES for each adult. Each case may be certified using the same application and signature page. new textNote: This is so that the cases may sync correctly to the CDB. This instruction does not apply after IES Phase 2 implementation.

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  • Example 1: Mom applies for herself and her 21 year old son who she will claim as a tax dependent. revised text(IES Phase 1) The worker splits the case in IES and registers a separate case for the adult son. (IES Phase 2) A case split is not required; mom and adult son may remain on the same IES case.

When an adult applies on behalf of another adult who is not in the same tax household, not a spouse, not a parent-in-common, and does not meet any of the other criteria listed in PM 02-04-03, the second adult must file a separate application.

  • Example 2: Mom applies for herself and her 21 year old son. Neither Mom, nor her son are tax filers. The adult son must file a separate application.
  • (IES Phase 1) In the above situation, deny the other adult using denial TAR 33. The notice must be suppressed (until we can change the notice reason on the automated denial notice), and a manual notice sent with this reason:
  •  "You must apply for medical benefits separately. You may apply online at www.abe.illinois.gov or by calling 1-800-226-0768."
  • (IES Phase 2) new textIES will generate a denial notice for the other adult.