WAG 02-04-02-a: Approved Representative

PM 02-04-02-a

new manual textMedical Programs

  • When an Approved Representative applies for someone, require that the customer provide a completed Approved Representative Form (IL444-2998). A customer may designate multiple Approved Representatives.
  • Check the form to confirm it has been fully completed and signed by both the customer and the Approved Representative, in order to deem as valid.
  • The Approved Representative's designated permission rights to assist are noted, described, and can be verified in Section B of the Approved Representative Form (IL444-2998).
  • The customer may cancel designation for one or more authorized Approved Representative at any time by completing Section A and D of the Approved Representative Form. When this occurs, change the Approved Representative status in IES as requested.
  • Acceptable verification for Power of Attorney (POA) or Legal Guardian is a legal document or court order that confirms the designation. Both medical and financial POAs are acceptable. The POA document must be reviewed to confirm that it is valid. During the review confirm the designation is currently in effect and includes insurance transactions.


  • revised manual textSNAP customers must provide a signed written statement to designate someone to be an Approved Representative or complete the Approved Representative Form (IL444-2998). If an application is submitted through ABE, the Approved Representative must download Form 2998, complete and sign, then upload it to the Upload Documents in ABE.
  • Form IL444-2998 is optional and may be used when:
    • an applicant does not give their representative a written statement, or
    • sending out an application that the applicant (or their representative) will return to the office.
  • If the Approved Representative provides a signed written statement from the applicant, do not require that the applicant complete Form IL444-2998.
  • If a written statement is used, it should include the following:
    • The full name, address, and phone number of the Approved Representative;
    • A statement saying that the customer understands that they are still responsible for the information the Approved Representative gives to IDHS;
    • The date and signature of the customer;
    • If a form letter is used that has to be notarized, it is invalid without a Notary Public's seal.
  • Tell the SNAP household that they must repay any overpayment that results from incorrect information given by the Approved Representative.

Getting the Written Approval

  • revised manual textIf someone other than the applicant brings in a SNAP application signed by the applicant, but does not have the applicant's signed written authorization or a completed Form IL444-2998, the FCRC should take the following actions:
      • Register the application as a mail-in.
      • revised manual textTell the person they need to get the applicant's written approval or have Form IL444-2998 completed by the applicant, before the eligibility interview. Tell the person the information that the customer must include in the written statement, including their signature and date;
      • revised manual textComplete Appointment Notice (Form IL444-0267T) to schedule the eligibility interview. Complete the Verification Checklist (Form IL444-0267) with instructions to return the customer's signed written  statement that includes the required information or return a completed Form IL444-2898. 
      • revised manual textGive the potential Approved Representative an oral explanation of Form IL444-2998 and instructions on how to compete the form:
        • The applicant/client must complete Page 2, Section A - Applicant/Client Information; and
        • Complete, sign and date Section B - the Applicant/Client Permission.
        • The person who will be the Approved Representative must complete, sign, and date Section C- Representative on Page 3.
    • If the potential Approved Representative shows up for the eligibility interview and has not provided a signed written statement, or a completed IL444-2998, do not conduct an interview (face-to-face or telephone) with that person. Take the following actions:
      1. Tell the potential representative they need to get the customer's written approval before the interview can be conducted;
      2. revised manual textComplete a Form IL444-0267 and give it to the potential representative along with Form IL444-2998. Provide an oral explanation and written instructions on Form IL444-0267 to complete Sections A, B and C on the form, including a signature and date;
      3. revised manual textGive the person 10 calendar days to return Form IL444-2998. If the 10th day falls on a weekend or holiday, allow the person until the next workday.
        1. If they do not return IL444-2998 or a signed written statement, deny the SNAP application for failure to provide necessary information.
        2. If they return with a completed IL444-2998, or a signed written statement, process the application, and file Form IL444-2998, or the written statement in the ECR. 
        3. Send copies of all letters, forms, and notices related to the application process to the Approved Representative.

Disqualified or Authorization Terminated

  • When an Approved Representative is disqualified, send them a Notice of Disqualification of Approved  Representative (Form IL444-2476), telling them about the disqualification and reason for the action. Send the notice 30 calendar days before the disqualification.
  • new manual textA SNAP customer may end their authorization to have an Approved Representative at any time by completing Section A and D of Form IL444-2998. When this occurs, change the Approved Representative status in IES as requested.

Case Comments

  • revised manual textDocument in Case Comments whether an Approved Representative applied on behalf of the SNAP household, or if a person was approved to use the Link Card to purchase food for a SNAP household. Document the full name, address and phone number of the Approved Representative as part of the comments.