PM 02-04-01: Making Application Forms and Pamphlets Available

WAG 02-04-01

Revised textGive an application form to anyone who asks for one. If someone calls and wants benefits, urge them to submit an application through the ABE portal via the Department's website or by calling the Broadway Central Customer Call Center.  They may also come to the office that day. Tell them that the sooner the signed application is received, the sooner they'll find out if they qualify and start receiving benefits. A person may apply for benefits:

  • online at, through the Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE);or
  • apply over the phone by calling the Broadway Central Customer Call Center @ 1-800-843-6154; or
  • apply in person at the Family Community Resource Center (FCRC); or
  • complete a paper application and submit it to the FCRC or the All Kids Unit.

If a person requests a paper application, mail them a paper application the same day the request is received by the office.

Give required pamphlets to all applicants (see WAG 02-04-01). Make pamphlets available to anyone who wants information about programs or wants to know how to request benefits.

Applications and pamphlets in Spanish must be available for Spanish Language Units (SLUs) in specified counties (see WAG 22-11-01).

new textApplications for Medical Benefits

There is no deadline on when a person may apply for Illinois Medicaid. For Illinois Medicaid programs, there is no open enrollment period and people can apply at any time just like they always have. See PM 02-04-00 for information regarding open enrollment on the Federal Facilitated Marketplace (FFM).