WAG 02-02-01: Resource Directory and Connections (RD&C)

The Resource Directory and Connections (RD&C) is a key part of the VCM. The RD&C is actually 2 separate components. The Resource Directory lists all available resources in alphabetic order. The Connections Component allows for staff to do actual referrals to a resource found in the directory. A worker matches the client's specific service need to a resource which provides that service.

The RD&C allows for a locally-maintained, detailed directory of local and statewide community resources and service providers. For each resource or provider, a list of the services they are able to provide clients is included. The list of services can be revised, as necessary, to maintain an accurate description of availability.

The directory provided in the RD&C helps staff connect clients to services and programs both inside and outside of DHS. The system allows for follow-up on the connection and monitoring of a client's monthly progress.