WAG 01-07-09: Withdrawing an Appeal

PM 01-07-09

  1. (FCRC/Other) After a pre-hearing review, during a pre-hearing meeting, or anytime the customer agrees or requests to withdraw an appeal, advise them that a request to withdraw an appeal must be made in writing.
    1. If the appellant is present, ask them to sign a Request to Withdraw Appeal (Form 65).
    2. If appellant is not present, send them Form 65 and a return envelope. Ask them to sign and return Form 65.
  2. (Customer/Representative) Signs and returns Form 65 to the local (or sending) office.

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  1. (FCRC) Receive and process Form 65.
    1. text revisedEmail or fax Form 65 to BAH within 2 workdays.  If the form is signed less than 2 workdays prior to the scheduled appeal hearing, email or fax Form 65 to BAH immediately.

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NOTE: Complete Form 65 if the customer withdraws the entire appeal. If only part of the appeal is withdrawn, do not complete or submit Form 65.