WAG 01-07-04: Continuing Benefits at the Previous Level

PM 01-07-04.

To continue benefits at the previous month's level after terminal cut-off for the effective month of the change, provide Mercury benefits by completing a blank Form 552 as follows:

Item 1 - Complete.
Item 2 - Enter the month and year (for canceled cases, enter month and year of the cancellation).
Item 3 - Enter 56.
Item 4 - Enter 7.
Items 5, 6, 8 - Complete.
Items 9-10 - Complete if the unit's address has changed.
Item 23 - Complete.
Item 33 - For canceled cases, enter TAR 08. For active cases, enter TAR 11.
Item 38 -

For canceled cases, enter the amount of the previous month's benefit. A different amount can be entered if a change occurred, a timely notice has been sent, and that change is not the issue under appeal.

For active cases, enter the difference between the previous month's benefit and the reduced payment.