PM 01-06-04: Notice of Change Not Sent (SNAP)

WAG 01-06-04

For SNAP, a Notice of Change is not needed when:

  • the approval period ends. The normal end of the approval period requires only a notice of expiration (see PM 19-03-05);
  • State or Federal changes affect large portions of the caseload - as with annual changes in income standards and benefit levels;
  • a SNAP unit member is banned from the program for an intentional program violation (IPV) and, as a result, benefits for other members are reduced or canceled (Bureau of Investigations sends a partially completed Notice of Disqualification for Intentional Program Violation to the Family Community Resource Center [see WAG 23-06-00]);
  • a group living facility or drug/alcoholic treatment center loses its approval from the State;
  • recoupment is started because of a client error overpayment and the client did not:
    • respond to an initial demand letter; or
    • respond to a notice of overdue payment; or
    • reach an agreement with the Department on a repayment plan.