Back to School Update: CCAP Policy Modifications for School Age Care - 8/7/2020

Back to School update

August 7, 2020

To: Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies and Site Administered Providers

From: Linda Saterfield, Interim Associate Director

Re: CCAP Policy Modifications for School Age Care

Effective immediately and through the month of October, we are implementing a temporary modification to our policy for the approval of school age care during the

school year to help accommodate the hybrid learning plans that are being implemented across the state:

* If in person learning is available at the child's school, CCAP families must choose thatoption first. CCAP will not pay for child care during the time in person learning isavailable at the child's school.

* If in person learning is not available at the child's school, CCAP will pay for the child to

be with a child care provider during that time.

  • Parents will be assessed the full-time copayment if the full-time rate is paid.
  • Part time care is less than 5 hours per day and full time care is 5 hours per day or more
  • The approval is not automatic and must be based on actual child care need as

documented by the school and parent work schedule.

Schools are free to develop their own attendance schedules and there is no consistent approachacross the state or even within school districts. Public schools, private schools and catholicschools operating in the same locality may all be on different schedules.

If needed, please reachout to the schools in your Service Delivery Areas to verify their attendance plans. Be aware of

schools that offer in person learning and that CCAP children that attend those schools are notpaid for days in person learning is offered.

DHS will be sending a notice to CCAP parents that they must submit their school age children'sattendance plan to the CCR&R or Site. Once received, eligible days and copayments should be adjusted in CCMS so future certificates and SAMERS reflect the anticipated schedule.

Providers should adjust certificates based on the child's attendance on days that inperson learning is not available. This would include days that the school is closed or on days that the child is not scheduled for in person learning based on the school's hybrid rotation plan. CCR&Rs should enter the adjusted days in CCMS accordingly.