WAG 01-06-03: Notices of Changes

New Manual MaterialIES Phase 2 Process

(IES) centrally generates IL444-0360C Notice of Decision when there is a change in benefit amounts or case status.  For more information on IL444-360C Notice of Decision, see:

  1. Cash - WAG 01-06-02-a
  2. Medical - WAG 01-06-02-b
  3. SNAP - WAG 01-06-02-d

Changed Manual MaterialLegacy System Process (ACM and IPACS)

(FCRC) Submits Form 552 via IPACS or processes the transaction via ACM to reduce or stop benefits.

  1. (System) Sends notices and supporting documents to client (when coded by caseworker to do so).
    1. Sends Form 157C, when decision is made to reduce or stop benefits. Dates/mails Form 157C no later than 2 workdays after action was transmitted.
    2. For TANF Cash cases, also sends a TANF/SNAP Computation - Work Pays (Form 553H), and if applicable, an Attachment to Computation of Grant/SNAP (Form 553GC).
    3. For AABD Cash cases, also sends the AABD/SNAP Computation (Form 4050C).
    4. Prints the following message on Form 157C for a reduction in SNAP benefits "You will receive SNAP benefits through MM/YY."

      NOTE: The system fills in the date for specific case, based on information in Form 552 Item 24, SNAP Certification Expiration Date. 

  2. (System) Sends Form 157C when the Family Community Resource Center has sufficient information to determine ongoing SNAP eligibility and:
    • Cash benefits are reduced or canceled; or
    • Medical benefits are canceled.
    1. If both Cash and SNAP go down, Form 157C gives SNAP approval end date.
    2. If both Medical benefits and SNAP benefits are canceled, but for different reasons, Form 157C only contains notification and reason for the SNAP cancellation.
    3. If both Medical and SNAP benefits are canceled for the same reason, Form 157C gives the reason for both cancellations.
    4. Sends Form 157C if cash benefits go down but SNAP benefits go up. Form 157C tells increase in SNAP amount and gives SNAP approval end date.
  3. (FCRC) Completes and sends a timely Form 157 when a decision is made to:
    • suppress the central notice; or
    • void an issuance.

      When submitting cancellation for the month following the month an issuance was voided, suppress the central notice by entering the correct code in Item 39. 

    1. For AABD Cash cases, also sends the AABD/SNAP Computation (Form 4050).
  4. (FCRC) Completes and sends Notice of Determination of Monthly Spenddown Met/Unmet (Form 458SP-1) for a MANG community case, each month a determination of spenddown status is made.
  5. (FCRC) Completes and sends Notice of Changes During the Enrollment Period or Eligibility Period-MANG Community Case (Form 2434A) (with Form 458SPA/SPB attached, if needed), to notify the MANG community client of a change in:
    • Spenddown amount,
    • case classification (i.e., regular MANG to spenddown or spenddown to regular MANG), or
    • period of enrollment or eligibility.
  6. (FCRC) For a long term care case, completes and sends Notice of Determination of Spenddown Met/Unmet-MANG Long Term Care Case (Form 458SP-3) each month a determination of spenddown status is made.
  7. (FCRC) Completes and sends Notice of Change - MANG Long Term Care Case (Form 2434C) to notify a long term care client of a change in the spenddown amount and/or case classification.
  8. (FCRC) Sends Nursing Home/Supportive Living Facility Resource Calculation (HFS 2500), when there are changes in the credit and/or spenddown amount.
  9. (System) Sends client Notice of Termination of Medical Enrollment/Assistance - MANG (Form 157DP) as notice of cancellation when 12-month enrollment period ends and spenddown was not met in at least one of last 3 months of enrollment period.

    NOTE: Application for Medical Assistance-Short Form (Form 2431) is sent with Form 157DP.

  10. (FCRC) Completes and sends Notice to Client of Protective Payment for Mismanagement - TANF (Form 2392) when a decision is made to set up a protective payment plan based on mismanagement.