HEALING ILLINOIS: Building a bridge to a racially equitable Illinois

*Healing Illinois*

Healing Illinois is a racial healing initiative of the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), in partnership with The Field Foundation of Illinois, designed to distribute $4.5 million in grants to organizations across the state to begin or continue the work of racial healing. The time for Healing Illinois is now. The ongoing oppressive and structural tactics that uphold systemic racism and inequities have highlighted the need for racial healing, and the need to address the underlying systems that have created the conditions where vast racial disparities are allowed to exist. As we move ahead with the work of systemic change, we must also lay the groundwork for community healing, acknowledging the harm done to communities of color and providing the space for healing. Healing Illinois represents one step in that process, promoting racial healing for everyone, and advancing racial equity in Illinois.

The goal of Healing Illinois is to build the foundation for long-term racial healing and anti-racism in Illinois.

Healing Illinois' intended outcomes are to:

  1. Build knowledge and understanding of racial healing and equity in communities across the state
  2. Strengthen trust and relationship building among community residents
  3. Expand opportunities for communities and individuals to begin to heal from the harms caused by racism
  4. Increase awareness and media engagement focused on racial healing and equity

Contact Information

The Field Foundation Healing Illinois email: Healingillinois@fieldfoundation.org

IDHS Healing Illinois email: DHS.healing@illinois.gov.