Williams and Colbert Class Members - Cases To Be Handled by Central Office #238

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  • As part of the Williams and Colbert Class lawsuit, the Illinois Department Services (IDHS) is working alongside Illinois Department of Mental Health (IDMH) regarding individuals that have transitioned from a skilled nursing facility into a community group home or individual apartment setting.
  • Central Office 238 will now handle the case maintenance of Williams and Colbert class cases.
  • Although the active William and Colbert cases will remain in their local office of choice, case maintenance shall only be completed by Central Office 238 staff.
  • IES will not have a special indicator for these cases, therefore; Central Office 238 staff will provide case note comments notifying field staff that these cases are Williams and Colbert cases, and all inquiries and forms should be forwarded to Central Office 238.
  • Staff will need to review case comments to ensure that if a Williams and Colbert class case is received it is handled accordingly.
  • CN 20.13 & CN 20.13S (pdf) Re: Williams and Colbert Class Members will be sent manually to Williams and Colbert Class members by Central Office 238 to notify them of this change.

FCRC Action

Please review case comments to determine if a Williams and Colbert Class case has been received. If local offices receive forms or questions regarding these cases, they will need to forward them to DHS.FCS.williamscolbert@illinois.gov. No action is to be taken on these cases from the local office. These cases will be processed and handled by Central Office 238.

[signed copy on file]

Grace B. Hou

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Forms referenced:

CN 20.13

CN 20.13S