Requirements and Responsibilities

List of Infant Formula Wholesalers / Retailers

Federal WIC Regulations and State WIC Rules require that WIC vendors purchase all infant formula provided to WIC cardholders from authorized wholesalers and retailers. Illinois has developed a list of authorized wholesalers and retailers which can be viewed by clicking Authorized Infant Formula Wholesalers / Retailers.

If your store purchases WIC infant formula from a source that is not on this list, you must contact us at or by calling 844-901-0962.

Minimum Stock Requirements

Only WIC allowed foods that are found on the Authorized Food List or in the Illinois Approved Product List (APL) are counted towards minimum stock.

Any expired foods will not be counted towards minimum stock.

Minimum Supply List (pdf) 

WIC Vendor Rules and Regulations

All authorized WIC Vendors in Illinois are obligated to adhere to the contract guidelines outlined in the vendor contract as well as the IL Program Rules and Federal Program Guidelines. These can be accessed by following the links below.

Price Guidelines

Stores are reimbursed for WIC foods up to the Not-to-Exceed (NTE) price allowed by the IL WIC program for each food category. NTEs are determined based on peer group assignment and historical pricing for the peer group. Prices are determined monthly and will be adjusted according to redemption data submitted in the previous month.

NTEs for WIC foods are no longer posted due to peer group variations and frequency of pricing adjustments.

If wholesale costs for an item has increased and exceeds the NTE, please contact us at with the specific UPC of the item, and your WIC Vendor Number.