405 ILCS 5/4-211 requires the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) to approve course material in sex education. The factors IDHS must consider in approving the sex education material are set forth is 405 ILCS 5/211 (a)-(i). The Department may not withhold approval of materials that otherwise meet the criteria specified in this Section on the basis that they include or refer to a religious or faith based perspective. The Committee established a process to review and approve the sex education material to assess whether it met the standards outlined in the statute. The IDHS approved the sex education materials listed below. The sex education materials may change to include other materials submitted, evaluated and approved by the Committee. Disclaimer-IDHS has approved a list of all the sex education materials listed on this website. IDHS does not favor one particular set of sex education materials over another nor does their order of appearance in the list constitute any particular favor by IDHS.

Sex Education for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Curriculum Review

Assessment of curriculum strength and whether it meets requirements of Illinois Legislative Committee. Curriculum reviewed by the Illinois Department of Human Services Curriculum Taskforce. For questions about this review, contact:

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For more information, please visit or call (217) 753-4117.

Universal Design & Accessibility Material Adaptable for: Sexual Rights Component Trainer Resources Meets Illinois Legislative Curriculum Requirement
Plain Language    Y Age  - 13 and up  Y States Sexual Rights   Y Explains Trainer Skills  Y Positive Sexual Identity  Y
Visual Aids  Y Gender  Y How to Advocate Y Useful Handouts  Y Prevention of Pregnancy N
Video  Y Culture  N Healthy Relationships Y Has Lesson Plans  Y STI/STD/HIV/AIDS N
Audio  N Language N First Person Language Y Online Safety  N Condoms  N
Sign Language  N Religion  N Social Media/Internet N Abstinence  N
Braille  N Sexual Orientation  Y Emotional Consequence  Y
Psychological Consequence   Y
Unwanted Sexual Behavior  Y
Danger/Predator Signs Y


There is a picture guide that mirrors the 19-lesson prevention programming. Also, a Communications Guide is available that utilizes graphics. Each of the modules also includes handouts. There are three videos that can be utilized with the material as well.


Programming is focused on those 13-years-old and up. The programs do include information on gender and sexual orientation with a focus on equality and equal treatment.


Different modules focus more on certain aspects of sexual rights. The prevention guide and empowerment guide focus specifically on rights and building skills for people with disabilities to utilize their voice. The Parent and Guardian Guide comes at the issues from teaching parents and guardians the need for health relationships and rights for people with disabilities.


Each module provides a step-by-step process for doing the lessons. Each module also has a handout section. All the material is available online as well.


The curriculum focuses on health relationships, healthy sexuality and empowering people with disabilities to understand they have these rights.


The Illinois Imagines toolkit consists of nine modules. Prevention education programming can be found in four of the modules, totaling more than 60 sessions of possible material covering a wide range of healthy relationship, healthy sexuality and empowerment issues. The material was developed during a 13-year hand-in-hand project collaboration with self-advocates, disability service agencies, rape crisis centers and statewide agencies. The lessons learned from real-world implementation and focus groups helped guide the creation of the material and focus of the lessons. The modules are available online at and hard copies of some of the modules are available by calling (217) 753-4117. There is no cost for any of the material.

This curriculum is:

  • Developmentally Appropriate: The Illinois Imagines curriculum is developmentally appropriate when using the Picture Supplement Guide to accompany the Education Guide, since visual supports and accessible language is included. In addition, the Communication Guide provides more detailed picture images.
  • Evidence-based: The Illinois Imagines curriculum is evidence informed in that it uses accurate sexuality education information that is respectful of rights and incorporated input from self-advocates in its development.