WAG 01-06-02-a: Cash Benefits

IES Phase 2 Process

  1. Revised Text(FCRC) Process the application in IES.
  2. Revised Text(IES) Sends IL444-0360C - Notice of Decision

Revised TextThe IL444-360C - Notice Of Decision is a dynamic form triggered when a decision is made in IES to approve, deny or change Cash, Medical and/or SNAP benefits once the case is certified. IES will trigger and include the following fragments as appropriate:

  1. Summary Section provides information on:
    1. notice date;
    2. date of application or date of change;
    3. what action is being taken;
    4. the policy citation for the action;
    5. information on how to use their LINK card (if applicable), and
    6. information on how to use Manage My Case in ABE.
  2. Cash Section provides information on:
    1. person(s) eligible for cash; 
    2. availability date of cash benefits;
    3. sanction information;
    4. if the action is due to a financial reason, the calculation of benefits, and
    5. person(s) ineligible for cash and the policy citation.
  3. Medical Section - see WAG 01-06-02-b.
  4. SNAP Section - see WAG 01-06-02-d.
  5. Additional Information Section provides information on:
    1. cash and medical change reporting requirements;
    2. rights under the cash and medical program;
    3. rights on an approved or denied TANF application;
    4. right to a Fair Hearing (Appeal);
    5. continuing benefits while an appeal is pending; and
    6. approved representative information.

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