PM 01-06-01: When to Give Written Notices

WAG 01-06-01

Send a written notice based on the client's preference to receive electronic notices in their ABE Manage My Case (MMC) account and/or through the postal service.

Send a written notice to clients when:

  • approving or denying a written request for any benefits (including Crisis Assistance), or placing the request in pending status;
  • reducing, suspending, voiding, or canceling benefits;
  • setting up a protective payee plan;
  • making a decision on a client request for payment of medical services or items that need prior approval;
  • transferring a case;
  • increasing cash benefits when there was a written request for the increase;
  • taking action to recoup an overpayment;
  • taking a person out of the case;
  • making a decision on a work exemption request (does not apply to SNAP benefits); or
  • new manual texta Mid-Point Report is not returned by the due date.

NOTE: Inform clients orally when medical transportation is approved.

Electronic Customer Notices, Email and Mobile Phone Text Alerts

IES will send a written notice through the U.S. Postal Service and post an electronic PDF version of a notice in the customer's ABE Manage My Case (MMC) account. The customer must set up their MMC account in ABE to start receiving an electronic notice. Once the account is setup all notices will sync to the customer's ABE account.

The customer's notice preference can be viewed in Data Collection in the "Household Contact Information" section titled "Notice Method". The drop down contains the following options:

  • Electronic Only;
  • Electronic Only-Email and Text;
  • Paper Only;
  • Paper and Electronic-Email;
  • Paper and Electronic-Email and Text.

Electronic Notice Only

A customer with a valid email address may opt to Go Green by changing their preferred delivery method to "Electronic Only." A customer who opts to receive "Electronic Only" can only view a PDF version of the notice in their MMC account. No paper notice will be mailed to the customer.

Note: The use of electronic means only to send a written notice can only be used if the customer has agreed to receive "Electronic Only" notices.

Email Only or Email and Mobile Phone Text Message Alerts

A customer with a valid email address will be sent notification when a notice posts to their MMC account by:

  • email; or
  • email and mobile phone text message

Note: A customer may choose their delivery method for alerts but a customer who chooses to receive mobile text alerts must also receive an email. A customer may not choose to receive only mobile phone text alerts.