MR #20.12: No Longer Issue Postage Paid Return Envelopes for SNAP

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  • Beginning 06/01/2020, due to Food and Nutrition Assistance Services (FNS) waiver request, a postage paid envelope is no longer required to be given with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Change Report (Form 1978).
  • Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) staff are not required to issue postage paid envelopes when a form or some other document needs to be returned to the FCRC.

Beginning 06/01/2020, due to FNS waiver approval a postage paid return envelope is no longer required to be given with SNAP Change Report (Form 1978). SNAP recipients may still use Form 1978 to report changes and may also use other methods, such as by mail, FCRC email, telephone or through the ABE Manage My Case (MMC) benefit portal. This change is to help reduce the administrative costs of the agency.

A postage paid envelope is not required to be given for any document. FCRC staff should provide a return envelope without postage when a form or some other document needs to be returned to the office. A return envelope ensures that the client has the appropriate address to return the information.

Envelopes with a return address (but without postage) are inserted with forms and notices that are centrally mailed to clients, such as the Redetermination Application and Mid-Point Reports.

Manual Revisions

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Grace B. Hou

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Forms Referenced:

Form 1978