WAG 01-04-03: Recording

  1. On the appropriate AIS screens or on Form 514 revised text in ACM, enter the date and reason for all contacts, actions taken, and decisions made. Include signature and date of recording by Family Community Resource Center staff person.
  2. On Form 514 revised text in ACM, record any action taken or information (including client contacts) received for each active case, and each action affecting the amount of payment or eligibility.
  3. On Form 514 revised text in ACM, record every negative action.

    NOTE: Acceptable documentation is the case recording and presence of Form 552 which issued the central notice, or a copy of "IM Change Notices Issued Centrally/Intake Notices Issued Centrally" listing which contains the centrally issued client notice for that action. 

  4. File all documents received in the appropriate section of case record. new textSave the Form 514 in ACM to Content Management.  Do not print Form 514 from Content Management to file in the case record.