4/3/2020 - DDD COVID-19 Communication

April 3, 2020

Good Afternoon,

As we head into another weekend, I just want to say thank you, again, for all that you are doing each day to support individuals across the State of Illinois. We received a number of Stories of Good and I am sharing one at the end of this communication. They really made my day. We're exploring ways we can share all the stories we receive. More to come. Thank you for sharing them and for reminding us of all the good around us.


We know that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), specifically masks, are in short supply. This is not a community provider-specific problem. This is not a DHS problem or even just an Illinois problem. Our Governor fights every day for what we need and has tried to leverage every avenue for resources for our state. Our State-Operated Facilities, including our State-Operated Developmental Centers and State-Operated Psychiatric Hospitals, face the same challenges. We are trying to preserve and maximize our supply and so PPE is used when staff work directly with individuals who are showing signs of illness. We are meticulously tracking and strategically utilizing PPE. While we continue to receive additional, limited supplies, it is not at a consistent rate.

With that being said, DDD, along with our other Divisions, has submitted a request to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) for PPE for our community providers. We will keep everyone updated as we hear more.

DDD also previously issued guidance to contact your local health department for PPE needs. We want to clarify that you should contact your local health department if you are serving an individual with symptoms of illness and/or a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and do not have PPE. To date, local health departments have been able to help if you are serving individuals with positive COVID-19 diagnoses. You may also need to keep trying back.


I want to draw everyone's attention to the Governor's Executive Order 19 limiting liability for COVID-19 treatment in both our ICF/DD and CILA settings: https://www2.illinois.gov/government/executive-orders


We understand some families have chosen to take their loved one home from their residential provider during this time. Providers of residential services should bill the applicable bed hold "F" bill code for the person who is temporarily being supported in the family or friend's home, so that providers continue to receive payment for the bed hold. Residential providers need to keep in mind that after 60 days they must submit a Bed Hold Extension in order to received bed hold payment above 60 days. There are two scenarios:

  • For Purchase of Service (POS) Residential Settings (17D, 19D, 67D, 67E), when bed holds approach 60 cumulative days from July 1, 2019, the applicable residential provider should submit a Bed Hold Extension Request for the number of days needed above 60.
  • For Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA), 60D, when bed holds approach 60 consecutive days from the start of the person's home visit, the CILA provider should submit a Bed Hold Extension Request to receive an additional 30 days, for a total of 90 days away.

Each residential provider needs to submit a Bed Hold Extension Request (IL462-2027) prior to an individual served reaching their respective 60 day bed hold limit to avoid payment disruption. The following is the link for the Bed Hold Extension Request form: https://www.dhs.state.il.us/onenetlibrary/12/documents/Forms/IL462-2027.pdf
All Bed Hold Extension Requests are submitted by the applicable residential provider to the respective ISC agency, which will submit the Bed Hold Extension Request through Birdseye to the Region Staff. Region Staff will forward COVID-19 Bed Hold Requests through Birdseye to Jim Eddings for POS residential (17D, 19D, 67D, 67E) and to George Bengel for 60D CILA settings.

All residential providers need to be aware that the authorization of additional bed hold days (above 60) into the IDHS/DDD billing and payment system is a manual, one person at a time, process. Providers should request bed hold extensions BEFORE the person reaches their respective bed hold limit. For questions for POS, please reach out to Nikki Carnes-Peter, Nikki.Carnes-peter@illinois.gov and for CILA, to George Bengel, George.Bengel@illinois.gov.


From Tracy of CTF Illinois:

I wanted to share a positive story from one of our CILA homes. Everyone there has been staying at home for a few weeks now and they are trying to find positive ways to spend their time. One of the DSPs in the home saw on Facebook people displaying hearts on windows to show hope and to show that we are all in this together (Hearts for Hope). She organized this at one of our CILAs. She outlined the pattern on the front door and people at the home used window chalk to put the colors on. Then they worked together to cut out hands and hearts for the front windows of the home. They enjoyed spending time on this project and hope that it brings joy and hope to those who drive by.

CTF Hearts of Hope window

Thanks to all who submitted. Keep sending them to Emily Hughes, BQM: emily.hughes@illinois.gov

Please note: If you would like your story to be included in a future communications from IDHS then I ask you also complete a media release. This should be signed by the CEO if it is an agency specific story and/or signed by an individual/guardian if it includes photos or names. You can find the release posted on our DDD COVID-19 website under Stories of Good.

Remember you can find the release, and all of our communications, on our DDD COVID-19 website.

Be well. We know you're doing your best. Hang in there. We're in this together.