Heads Up! The Local Office Transactions and Support Services (LOTSS) Staff are Working Remotely due to COVID-19 Health Crisis

Due to the COVID 19 Health Crisis, all LOTSS staff are currently working remotely. Questions or referrals (1925, 2958, 2636 or Funeral and Burial Claims) should be sent to the appropriate email address listed below.

1925 Referrals: SSAPC Unit: DHS.SSAPC@illinois.gov

2958 Referrals: EPU: DHS.EPU@illinois.gov

410's: EPU: DHS.EPU@illinois.gov

2636 Referrals: NBU: DHS.FCS.NBU2636@illinois.gov

IL444-0029 (Funeral and Burial Vendor): DHS.FB@illinois.gov

IL4440094 (Funeral & Burial Reimbursement Claim): DHS.FB@illinois.gov

MFTD/DCFS: DHS.Central238@illinois.gov

DD Waivers: DHS.DD.MediRede@illinois.gov

EBT: DHS.LINK@illinois.gov