WAG 01-01-07-b: Total Repayment of Cash or Medical Benefits

  1. Send a memo to Field Recovery Unit (Downstate offices) or Collections Unit (Cook County offices) when: 
    • a person offers to repay all cash benefits provided;
    • it is not known if the amount offered as repayment is less than the total amount of cash benefits provided.

      Include in the memo:

    • case name and number;
    • reason for request;
    • source of payment (sale of real or personal property, lump sum SSA/SSI benefits, inheritance, etc.); and
    • period of assistance for which information is needed.
  2. Upon return of the requested information, advise the person of the amount of benefits provided, and that voluntary repayment may be made for the total or partial amount.
  3. Complete a Payment Transmittal Slip (Form 3021).
  4. Offer to send the payment and Form 3021 via Department mail to the Cash Management Unit/Recoveries. Check the "Voluntary Repayment of Assistance" section.
  5. Complete the required entries on Form 3021 and advise the person to send the completed form and a check or money order (no cash) to:

    Bureau of Fiscal Operations
    Cash Management/Recoveries Unit
    PO Box 19407
    Springfield, IL 62794-9407

    If the person wants to send the payment themselves, give them an envelope pre-addressed to BFO. 

  6. If the person will be making other payments at a later date, complete the case information and type of payment sections on the extra Forms 3021 that the person will receive.

    Show the client where: 

    • to enter the amount of the payment;
    • to sign and date the form; and
    • to send the payment and transmittal slip.