2020 Responsible Parenting (RP) Fact Sheet

Program Objectives

The purpose of the Responsible Parenting program is to provide a comprehensive array of services to adolescent mothers to delay subsequent pregnancies; consistently and effectively practice family planning; enroll in/continue attending high school, or its equivalent; earn a high school diploma, or its equivalent; develop parenting and life skills that will enable them to cope with social and emotional issues inherent to adolescent pregnancy and parenting; and to encourage the healthy physical and intellectual growth and development of the teen's child.

Program Summary

FY18 FY19 FY20
Program Participants 200 137 150*
Service Providers 2 2 2
Annual Expenses $136,081 $134,276 $137,700*

* Projected

Contact Information

Responsible Parent Program

401 S. Clinton, 3rd FL North

Chicago, IL 60607