IV. Provider and FCRC Meetings

*See WAG 21-06-08 and policy document PM 21-06-08 for more specific policy and procedures.

A staffing is case management and how the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) and the Provider assess and support a customer's progress in an activity. IDHS Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) and Workforce Development staff with the Provider and other interested parties, work together to help a customer who is not progressing get back on track.

All participants must have a staffing. If a participant is engaged with a Provider for 6 months or more, a full staffing must be completed. A participant who is cooperating but not progressing should be evaluated at the time of the staffing to determine if a change is appropriate.

A staffing may be held in-person or via telephone conference. Provider staffings should be scheduled monthly and customer staffing as needed.

Other interested parties included in the staffing may be counseling prevention service providers or other professionals who are involved in the customer's plan.

A. Before the Meeting:

  1. (FCRC or Workforce Development & Provider) Designate a representative to attend the meeting held in-person at the FCRC or via telephone conference.
  2. (Provider) At least 3 workdays before the meeting, send the FCRC or Workforce Development staff whichever is applicable, the Employment and Training Participant List (Form 4333) that includes the name and the appropriate information of each customer the Provider serves.
  3. Indicate if an in-depth discussion is needed.
  4. (Provider) Notify other interested parties 3 workdays before the meeting.
  5. (FCRC or Workforce Development) Within 2 workdays of receipt of Form 4333:
    1. Verify the customer's status and eligibility in IES for continued participation with the Provider.
    2. Resolve any discrepancies between the Employment and Training List and FCRC information before the meeting.

There are 2 types of staffing meetings:

B. Provider Staffing

This meeting occurs monthly to discuss ongoing progress of active cases.

FCRC or Workforce Development staff verifies:

  • case status; and
  • customer's eligibility for continued participation with the Provider.

For each customer, the Provider reports:

  • the assigned activities;
  • number of hours of participation each month;
  • level of progress; and
  • changes to the customer's SNAP E & T Employability Plan

C. Customer Staffing

This meeting occurs as needed when a more in-depth meeting regarding a specific case is in question. This may or may not include the customer.

The selection criteria for holding a customer staffing include:

  • poor level of customer's engagement;
  • length of time participating in the program;
  • customer receiving third party services such as counseling prevention services and other identified problems;
  • review the progress reports for each customer being discussed;
  • hold an in-depth discussion on any problems the customer may be having;
  • discuss appropriateness of the current activity;
  • discuss new strategies to improve participation;
  • review all resources available to the customer; and
  • share information which may be unknown to the other party.

The customer is also invited to attend. The meeting may result in the need to revise the SNAP E & T Employability Plan. Revision of the SNAP E & T Employability.

D. Mediation Process

Notify the Provider Manager and Regional Employment and Training Liaison within 2 workdays of Family Community Resource Center and Community Workfare/Earnfare Grantee dispute with specific content of the day of the dispute's occurrence, location, who was in attendance and what the matter is concerning. (Grantee)

It is advisable to ensure that the Program Manager, the Bureau Chief and the Regional Administrator are cc'd on the dispute.