VI. Department Responsibilities

A. Referral Process

  1. The Department may refer eligible and appropriate individuals to Job Placement with Retention, Support Service and Special Project Providers for services using Referral Form (Form 2151).
  2. The Department will screen and refer eligible individuals to Earnfare Providers, using the Referral Form (form 2151) and the Earnfare Referral and Attendance Record. The Earnfare Referral and Attendance Record will specify the number of work obligation hours an individual must complete (Community Workfare) and the maximum number of hours for which an individual can participate for cash assistance payments (Earnfare). .

B. General Program

  1. The Department will process billings in a timely manner upon receipt and after reviewing the billing for completeness and accuracy.
  2. The Department may verify any or all unsubsidized placements.
  3. The Department will provide Worker's Compensation coverage for each SNAP E & T participant assigned to an Earnfare employer to a contracted Work Experience/Community Work sponsor or to their subcontracted sponsors.
  4. The Department will provide Earnfare Providers with documentation to determine the obligated work hours required before a customer becomes eligible to earn cash.
  5. Department staff will participate in staffings with the Provider to review and discuss the status of customers enrolled with the Provider using the established staffing protocols and forms discussed in chapter IV, "Provider and FCRC Meetings".
  6. At its discretion, the Department may remove from a Provider program those participants who demonstrate insufficient progress or a pattern of non-compliance and reassign them to other countable activities.
  7. The Department will assume no liability for the actions of SNAP E & T customers while on assignment .

C. Change Progress Report Form (Form 2151A)

  1. The provider will use Change Progress Report Form (Form 2151A) to notify the Department within 48 hours of any customer reported change (income or housing), or any change in the customers participation (change of activity or hours of participation).
  2. The Department will use the Change Progress Report Form (Form 2151A) to notify the Provider within 48 hours of cancellation, employment, change in benefit or other case action.