2019 Youth Opportunity (YO) Fact Sheet

Program Description

The purpose of the Youth Opportunity program is to assist low-income youth in selected Chicago high schools to complete high school and to develop career interests and employment skills through job placement.


Low-income students


Assist targeted population to remain in and complete high school; identify career goals; obtain marketable skills, and move toward self-sufficiency


Youth Opportunity services include: intensive counseling, with a focus on building self-esteem; on-site case management, with an emphasis on identifying and resolving barriers to school completion; career awareness activities; job readiness activities; vocational training; advocacy; job placement and job retention support; and mentoring.

Delivery Method

Services delivered in one Chicago Public School through a partnership with the Youth Guidance organization.

Program Data

Program Expenditure (Numbers in 000's) $142.0 $142.0 $142.0
Number of Grantees 1 1 1
Number Served 156 96 80