December 18, 2020 Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board Meeting


Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board Members and Staff. The public is welcome to attend.


Friday, December 18, 2020

12:30pm to 2:30pm


This meeting will be conducted via WebEx:

  • Call in number: (312) 535-8110 or US Toll (415) 655-0002
  • Meeting Number (access code): 177 027 3672
  • Meeting Password (if prompted): TneXQBGm224


  1. Call to order/Roll call
  2. DHS Update
  3. RIOB 2021 meeting schedule - decision to approve
  4. Approval of Minutes
    1.  8/21/20 RIOB Meeting
  5. RIOB Planning Meeting Summary
  6. Review Redeploy Core Service Areas - decision to adopt and develop
  7. RIOB Planning Meeting Day 3 discussion/decision
  8. FY21 Program and Expenditures update
    1. Redeploy Program expenditures and commitments/number served
    2. ICOY Expenditures
  9. FY21 Redeploy Planning Grant update and funding discussion/decision
  10. FY21 Provider supplemental funding request - discussion/decision
    1. 13th Judicial Circuit
  11. ICJIA Redeploy Illinois Program Evaluation - Final Technical Report publication decision
  12. RIOB member training requirements - Status update
  13. RIOB member contact information
  14. Adjourn

Upcoming meetings/events:

  • Full Board Meeting: Friday, January 15th, 2021
  • Executive Board Meeting: Friday, February 19th, 2021
  • Planning Meeting Day 3: TBD

Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order
    RIOB Board Chair, Secretary Grace Hou, called the meeting to order at 12:31pm and invited Kristen Marshall to take the Roll Call.
    Roll call: Janet Ahern, Carla Barnes, Walter Brandon, Betsy Clarke, Dan Hunt, Peter Perry, Pam Rodriguez, Anne Studzinski, Hon. George Timberlake, Rick Velasquez, Charise Williams (Designee: Christian Perry), Paula Wolff.
    DHS Staff: Erica Hughes, Kristen Marshall, Wendy Nussbaum, Karrie Rueter.
    ICOY Staff: Katy Culleeny, Seth El-Jamal, Leslie Ress, Honorable Colleen Sheehan.
    Guests: Kirsten Davis-Franklin, Lisa Gustafsson, Jessica Reichert, Cindy Robinson, Jason Stamps, Patrick Sweeney, Michelle Jenkins, MaryAnn Dyar, Garien Gatewood.
  2. DHS Update
    Secretary Hou informed the board there would be no funding cuts to Redeploy from Department of Human services (DHS), and they will try to minimize cuts to community providers and services. Secretary Hou then invited members and guests to share what they are most looking forward to post-COVID, their favorite holiday treat, and something they have watched recently.
  3. RIOB 2021 meeting schedule
    The board voted to accept the 2021 meeting schedule. No opposition or abstention. Four members not present (NP). Motion Passed.
    Grace Hou Yes; Janet Ahern Yes; Carla Barnes Yes; Judge Walter Brandon Yes; Betsy Clarke Yes; Avik Das NP; Dan Hunt Yes; Krish Mohip NP;
    Heidi Mueller NP; Peter Perry Yes; Pam Rodriguez Yes; Tracey Seneca NP; Anne Studzinski Yes; Judge George Timberlake Yes; Rick Velasquez Yes
    Cherise Williams Yes; Paula Wolff Yes. 
  4. Approval of Minutes - 8/21/20 RIOB Meeting
    Secretary Hou called for a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the August Board meeting. Rick Velasquez moved approval and Walter Brandon seconded the motion. No oppositions or abstentions. Motion Passed.
    Grace Hou Yes; Janet Ahern Yes; Carla Barnes Yes; Judge Walter Brandon Yes; Betsy Clarke Yes; Avik Das NP; Dan Hunt Yes; Krish Mohip NP; Heidi Mueller NP; Peter Perry Yes; Pam Rodriguez Yes; Tracey Seneca NP; Anne Studzinski Yes; Judge George Timberlake Yes; Rick Velasquez Yes; Cherise WIlliams Yes; Paula Wolff Yes.
  5. Review Redeploy Core Service Areas
    Secretary Hou directed members and guests to the handout on Core Service Areas and explained that staff is seeking comments, feedback and for the document to be approved. Paula Wolff asked for a modification to the language as to not put the onus on the youth and to ensure accountability for the program, shifting the language from "The youth will achieve" to "The state will support youth in…" Betsy Clarke concurred. Pam Rodriguez suggested adding an asterisk and a note at the bottom, Secretary Hou suggested the sentiment be expressed at the top of the document to provide umbrella intent.
    Ms. Rueter asked for Board approval so staff could move forward with identifying specific skills and content in each domain, and how best to operationalize them in contracts.
    Motion: Secretary called for a motion to approve the document with the addition of context at the top of the document to clarify that the onus is on the program to support the child, not solely on the child. Anne Studzinski moved approval of the document with the proposed addition. Carla Barnes seconded the motion. No oppositions or abstentions. Motion Passed.
    Janet Ahern Yes; Carla Barnes Yes; Judge Walter Brandon Yes; Betsy Clarke Yes; Avik Das NP; Dan Hunt Yes; Krish Mohip NP; Peter Perry Yes; Pam Rodriguez Yes; Tracey Seneca NP; Cherise WIlliams Yes; Anne Studzinski Yes; Judge George Timberlake Yes; Rick Velasquez Yes; Heidi Mueller NP;
    Paula Wolff Yes.
  6. RIOB Planning Meeting Summary and RIOB Planning Meeting Day 3
    Secretary Hou reviewed the conversation topics from the two planning meetings and asked if there were any questions. There were none.
    Secretary Hou asked members if a third planning meeting was necessary to discuss program elements.
    Janet Ahern suggested getting feedback from sites at the upcoming site visits before reconvening, then in FY 2021, the focus can shift to what going to scale looks like. Ms. Studzinski agreed, elaborating, that she would like to incorporate these discussions in site visit, even about going to scale, then after site visits a third planning meeting. Ms. Rueter suggested reconvening the asset development ad-hoc working group to formulate questions and discussion points for site visits. Mr. Velasquez asked if it would be possible to do a crosswalk analysis of what services providers are already doing compared to those outlined in the approved matrix document. He pointed out that it would highlight what services providers might need to add and help the board and staff identify where intensive technical assistance is needed. Ms. Rueter agreed and said that DHS staff were in the beginning stages of this process while also acknowledging the likely need for further trainings. 
  7. FY21 Program and Expenditures Update
    Secretary Hou asked Erica Hughes to provide the program and expenditures update and directed Board members to the relevant handouts.
    Cherise Williams sought understanding, as a new board member, whether there was any reason for concern that some sites are underspending. Ms. Hughes explained some of the current reporting as typical and that DHS staff have been communicating with sites. Furthermore, some of the larger sites that have multiple counties may experience delays in getting all of their stakeholders on board, which in turn impacts the number of program referrals. Ms. Williams asked if COVID was also a factor to which Ms. Hughes explained that court closures also have an impact on referrals. Ms. Ahern asked if virtual programming significantly reduced transportation costs and if that was something that may be continued after the pandemic subsides. Ms. Marshall explained that some sites have moved money around to accommodate changing financial needs due to COVID and that virtual programming could be continued if it results in greater participation and accessibility for youth. In response to a question from Mr. Velasquez, Ms. Hughes explained that the handout did not include any money spent as part of an emergency funding source from the pandemic.
  8. FY21 Redeploy Planning Grant Update; Funding Discussion & Decision
    Ms. Marshall directed Board members to the handouts for Lake and Sangamon County.
    1. Sangamon County
      Ms. Marshall explained that Sangamon County submitted their planning grant report in mid-December. For historical context, they were a planning grant recipient in Fiscal Year 2011. In Fiscal year 2015 Sangamon County became a full site but desisted as a result of the budget impasse. Currently, they are in a good place to re-establish as they complete their Department of Juvenile Justice and Social Service Analysis. DHS staff has required they remove electronic monitoring from their proposal and will ensure they receive technical assistance as they get started. Referring to the pie chart broken down by technical violations, new offenses, and both, Ms. Wolff asked if the data breakdown in their proposal was the same as other jurisdictions. Ms. Hughes said that the DJJ data was recently received, and other sites could have the same data breakdown.
      In response to a question from Ms. Studzinski, Ms. Rueter explained that once sites present their final report it is up to the board to offer an opportunity or not to submit a full site application. Mr. Velasquez asked if they could have more time to review Sangamon's proposal, Ms. Studzinski added it may be best to wait until the February board meeting regardless in hopes there is more information about upcoming budgets. Secretary Hou agreed that the Board can vote on Sangamon at the next meeting in February.
    2. Lake County:
      Ms. Marshall provided an update on Lake County, explaining that this was not a proposal, only an update. Ms. Marshall explained that early on in the process, Lake County did not have sufficient metrics to serve high need youth so they partnered with their local university, Northern Illinois University (NIU), to engage in a research project about their DJJ commitments. Paula Wolff asked if the delay could be a result of a lack of enthusiasm, citing a visit she and a colleague had with court stakeholders from Lake County in which there was not clear enthusiasm for the program. Ms. Wolff raised concerns about the success of a site that does not have buy-in from such essential partners. Ms. Marshall assured Ms. Wolff that, while staff had not heard of anything, they will follow-up on the matter.
      In response to a question from Ms. Wolff about when Lake County will be ready, Ms. Marshall explained they hope their proposal will be done by March as Lake County is waiting on finalized data from NIU. Ms. Studzinski recommended, the Board wait to implement Lake until the next FY, as opposed to them starting in the final quarter, and that DHS should let them know that this may be the case. Ms. Wolff suggested using their extra funds as incentive to springboard them into the program. DHS staff would be in contact with Lake County to check on progress and determine if incentives would help in receiving the proposal before March.
  9. ICJIA Redeploy Illinois Program Evaluation - Final Technical Report Publication Decision
    Secretary Hou invited Ms. Studzinski to lead the discussion of the report from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) and let the board know there were representatives from ICJIA in the meeting. Ms. Studzinski suggested that the Board release its annual report alongside the ICJIA report, as they go hand-in-hand and that the annual report will address any concerns raised in the ICJIA report. Ms. Williams questioned if Board approval was in fact needed for release. Ms. Wolff added that the Board did commission and fund the report, and suggested that in the absence of an annual report accompanying, the Board can still release a statement. Mr. Velasquez agreed and suggested ICJIA and DHS staff work together on the communications strategy, to which Ms. Williams agreed.
  10. FY21 Provider Supplemental Funding Request - 13th Judicial Circuit
    Ms. Marshall introduced Redeploy staff from the 13th Judicial Circuit, Cindy Robinson and Lisa Gustafsson from Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley and Patrick Sweeney, with Probation. They were present to answer any questions from the Board. Their proposal includes a request for additional funding to Redeploy Youth in a juvenile sex offender treatment plan by $91,077. They are projected to serve 11 individuals over 7 months, with 8 evaluations over 3 months, as they plan for April 2021.
    Carla Barnes moved approval and Anne Studzinski seconded the motion which opened the topic for discussion. Mr. Velasquez raised questions. First, he asked if youth must go through adjudication for treatment and if the youth end up on the registry. Mr. Sweeney explained that minors are evaluated by court order and if recommended, treatment is provided but the child is not on the registry at adjudication, Ms. Robinson confirmed this and ensured that the goal is treatment. Mr. Velasquez asked if there were other referral pathways outside of the court, to which Ms. Robinson and Mr. Sweeney explained the financial barriers often preventing this from occurring successfully as families referred outside the court cannot always afford the service. In response to a question about Medicaid, Ms. Studzinski clarified that Redeploy funds would only be used for Redeploy eligible youth and that the expectation across all sites is that what can be charged to Medicaid should be charged to Medicaid.
    Motion: Ms. Wolff moved approval of the funding request from the 13th circuit. Mr. Velasquez seconded the motion. No abstentions or oppositions. Motion Passed.  Janet Ahern NP; Carla Barnes Yes; Judge Walter Brandon Yes; Betsy Clarke Yes; Avik Das NP; Dan Hunt NP; Krish Mohip NP; Peter Perry Yes; Pam Rodriguez Yes; Tracey Seneca NP; Cherise Williams  NP; Anne Studzinski Yes; Judge George Timberlake Yes; Rick Velasquez Yes; Heidi Mueller NP; Paula Wolff Yes.
  11. RIOB Member Training Requirements - Status Update
    Ms. Marshall reminded Board members the Harassment and Discrimination annual trainings are due by the end of December.
  12. RIOB member contact information
    Ms. Marshall reminded the members that they had received the updated membership roster the day prior to the meeting. Members were asked to ensure all information is current.
  13. Adjourn
    Secretary Hou called for a motion to adjourn. Ms. Rodriguez moved adjourning; Mr. Velasquez seconded the motion. Motion Passed.
    Meeting adjourned at 2:28pm.