Health Risk Screening Tool - DD.19.009 FINAL

Illinois Department of Human Services

Division of Developmental Disabilities

Information Bulletin

DD.19.009 FINAL


This Information Bulletin notifies all providers of Public Act 100-1111 which requires the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to establish an electronic version of the Health Risk Screening Tool and make it available to CILA providers.

Health Risk Screening Tool:

The DDD is implementing the electronic version of the Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) effective July 1, 2019. This is to comply with Public Act 100-1111 which was passed and signed into law. There is one company which holds the patents and copyright license for the paper and electronic HRST: Health Risk Screening, Inc.

CILA providers have a long history of using the HRST in its paper version known as the Physical Status Review. However, use of the paper tool has many issues including lack of training, copyright concerns, etc. Moving to an online system will be extremely beneficial to the Division, CILA providers, and, most of all, the people served in CILA homes.

There will be no additional costs to Cl LA providers for utilization of the web-based, electronic version of the HRST. Beginning July 1, 2019, the DDD has added to each person's CILA Rate an additional $3.00 per month, $36.00 annual increase to cover the monthly cost providers will be required to pay for each person's HRST. These additional funds will be incorporated to the "Miscellaneous Consultants" in each person's CILA rate. The $3.00 per month payment to utilize the HRST is being required by the copyright and patent holder regardless of whether your agency continues to utilize the paper version or switches to the electronic version of the HRST.

IDHS-DDD and HRS, Inc. are working in collaboration on the implementation of the web-based HRST. The initial step in the implementation process is for each CILA agency to complete and sign a Service Agreement with HRS, Inc. for the use of the web-based, electronic HRST. To do that, the Executive Director of each CILA agency should contact HRS, Inc. directly at Existing CILA agencies will have until January 1, 2020 to complete the Service Agreement. Any future CILA agency established after January 1, 2020, will be asked to complete the Service Agreement within three months of initiating CILA services of their first person. Again, this can be done by reaching out to HRS, Inc. at

The DDD has also contracted with HRS, Inc. to cover the $500.00 per CILA agency one-time start-up, initiation and training fees for CILA agencies to sign up and enroll with this entity to utilize the electronic version of the HRST. Existing CILA Agencies which complete the HRS, Inc. Service Agreement after January 1, 2020 and new CILA Agencies which begin operations after January 1, 2020, will be responsible for covering the one-time start-up initiation, and training fees.

We are excited to offer this to CILA Providers throughout Illinois and would very much appreciate your cooperation and assistance in implementation.

Process & Procedure:

Although IL CILA agencies have a long history of using the HRST in its paper-version known as the Physical Status Review, switching to the web-based version of the tool allows DDD to issue specific guidelines and a protocol around its use. The IL HRST Protocol can be downloaded online.

HRS, Inc. is hosting a series of informational webinars through February 2020 to guide CILA agencies through the implementation of the web-based version of the tool. For information on dates, times, or to register, please reach out to

For questions on any of these issues, please contact the DDD Region Staff in your geographic area.

The information contained herein should not be considered a substitute for the appropriate official statutes, rules, regulations, or the advice of legal counsel.

Effective Date:

July 1, 2019