Mental Health Grant Information - FY 2021

Pre-Qualification for All Grants:

All current or potential grantees must make certain the following pre-qualifications are completed by the program due date and time.  Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) staff are not allowed to accept a grant application without these:

  • Register and be in good standing with the Secretary of State (does not apply to government entities and schools)

In addition to those listed above, a Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA) for the program you are applying for must be completed and submitted prior to an award being made.  Staff cannot evaluate an application or a grantee without this assessment submitted. 

For detailed information about the requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.

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Competitive Grant Opportunities:

There are no competitive grant opportunities at this time.

Non-Competitive Grant Opportunities: 

Note:  "Non-Competitive" indicates the grant funds are available only for Providers who have been selected by the awarding agency and notified to submit an application and budget.

See links below for the Grant Application (GA) and the Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA), which all applicants are required to complete and submit.

CSFA # DMH Program Grant Title/ Program Information GA PRA Due Date
444-22-2480 Federal Crisis Counseling & Training Program (510-FCCT ) GA 2480 PRA 2480 CLOSED

Closed Grants

NOFO CSFA # DMH Program Grant Title/ Program Information GA PRA Q&A Due Date
21-444-22-2344-01 444-22-2344 Outpatient Fitness Restoration GA 2344 PRA 2344 QA 2344 CLOSED
21-444-22-2487-02 444-22-2487 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) Call Center (400) GA 2487 PRA 2487 QA 2344 CLOSED
NA 444-22-2469 NGRI Community Reintegration (832) (pdf) GA 2469 PRA 2469 NA CLOSED
NA 444-22-2495 Thresholds PreCOVID-19 Capacity (510-TCVD) GA 2495 PRA 2495 NA CLOSED