Residential Site ID or Change to Residential Site Rate Determining Factors

Illinois Department of Human Services

Division of Developmental Disabilities

Information Bulletin

DD.19.007 FINAL


This Information Bulletin notifies all Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) and Purchase of Services (POS) providers of the implementation of the DD Division's Site Identification Number (DDD Site ID) and database for ALL Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) settings and ALL Purchase of Services (POS) residential Settings. All CILA settings include all types of CILA (i.e. Family) and all sites regardless of whether the site is Agency or Individually controlled.

The Site identification database does NOT apply for Adult or Children's Home Based Services and the person is either an H or G client type in the DDD system. Nor does the Site identification database apply for anyone who is only funded for day programs and are a D Client Type in the DDD system.


The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) is in the final stages of development of our part of the new Birdseye database. ISC agencies have been using Birdseye configured for the ISC's organization for over the past year or longer. The new DDD Birdseye database will replace Lotus logs for maintaining data for individual rates, authorizations and terminations.

As part of the development and implementation of the Birdseye database for DDD and to assist in streamlining funding requests, the DDD has also developed and is implementing a Site Identification database. The Site Identification database contains all the information about each CILA and POS residential site. At this time ALL known CILA and POS residential sites have been entered into this database and have been assigned a DDD Site Identification Number (DDD Site ID).

In the near future, each CILA and POS agency will receive a mailing containing a list of their agencies CILA and POS residential sites with the applicable DDD Site ID. The DDD Site ID will be a critical piece of information when providers submit future funding request for CILA or POS services. As stated previously, the DDD Site ID does NOT apply to Adult or Children's Home Based Services nor does it apply to people only funded for day services.

Any address will have a unique DDD Site ID when any of the following is at the CILA or POS residential address:

  1. More than one provider serves people at the address;
  2. More than one program funds people at the address;
  3. More than one type of CILA support is provided at the address.


New CILA and POS addresses:

CILA and POS providers MUST get every new residential site (address) added to the DDD Site Database. New sites MUST have a DDD Site ID assigned before a funding request can be processed. Getting the DDD Site IDs is required for all residential sites including Family or Own Home Intermittent settings.

A CILA site can be added to the database and have a DDD Site ID assigned before BALC approval. Securing a DDD Site ID will allow a provider to submit a CILA or POS funding request and the DDD to process the funding request and even generate an Award Letter. The person's authorization for CILA services or change to a new CILA address will still require the address to be on the BALC database prior to billing authorization or the person's transfer to a new location in the DDD payment system.

Accuracy of CILA and POS addresses:

Specifying an accurate address is especially important including any unit identifier such as an apartment number. The complete address should be entered on the Request for a Residential Site ID form using the US Postal Service (USPS) format.

The USPS uses the following formatting:

  1. No punctuation,
  2. Street Direction is specified as: N, E, S or W
  3. Streets are abbreviated as: ST, DR, CIR, AVE, BLVD, TERR, etc.
  4. Individual units at an address are specified as: APT, BSMNT, UNIT, etc.

CILA and POS providers should access the US Postal Service website to confirm all details of an address before submitting a Request for a DDD Site ID. The US Postal Service Website is:

Changing descriptive information for a CILA or POS address:

CILA and POS providers MUST get any change to a rate determining factor(s) for any residential site in the DDD Site Database before an individual's rate can be changed or updated. Rate determining factors include:

  1. BALC, IDPH or DCFS Licensed Capacity (All Residential Sites)
  2. Any new Facility Rate for POS sites including: 17D, 19D, 41D, 65H, 67D, 67E and 67O. Individual facility rate changes are the responsibility of the provider to notify the DDD. The DDD will assume responsibility to input new rates when a statewide or regional rate adjustment is authorized.
  3. CILA Site Working Capacity (Is used to calculate the CILA Rate)
  4. Night Shift Awake or Asleep (Is used to calculate the CILA Rate)
  5. CILA Support Type: 24Hr shift staff, Host Family/Foster Care, Intermittent and Family / Own Home Intermittent (Is used to calculate the CILA Rate)

Unique DDD Site IDs for CILA and POS addresses:

DDD Site IDs are unique for each provider AND each CILA or POS residential street address including any apartment or unit identifier and city or town. The DDD is using the U.S. Postal Service as the official address for all site addresses. As an example, a site with CILA provider A at 123 Main St, Anytown, could have a DDD Site ID of 123456. If 123 Main St, Anytown serves as the address for a CILA person served by a different CILA provider (CILA provider B) there would be a different unique DDD Site ID assigned for provider B.

The same DDD Site ID process holds true if a different program is at the same address. If provider A has a total of five (5) people being served at 24 Maple Rd., Somewhere, IL, with two different program codes (i.e. 60D CILA and 65H Hourly CILA) which operate at the same site, there would be two unique DDD Site IDs assigned. One DDD Site ID would be for people funded under the 60D CILA program code and the second different unique DDD Site ID would be for the people funded under the 65H Hourly CILA program code.

The same DDD Site ID process also holds true if a different type of CILA service (24Hr shift staff, Host Family/Foster Care, Intermittent and Family / Own Home Intermittent) is at the same address.

Form and Instructions to Request a DDD Site ID or change information for CILA and POS addresses:

In order for CILA and POS provider to convey accurate and complete information about CILA and POS residential sites, the DDD has developed the Request for Residential Site ID or Change to Residential Site Rate Determining Factors Form (IL462-5206). 

For questions on the DDD Site Identification Database, DDD Site IDs, or the process outlined above, please contact the DDD Bureau of Community Reimbursement at 217.782.0632.

Information contained herein should not be considered a substitute for the appropriate official statutes, rules, regulations, or the advice of legal counsel.

Effective Date: Upon Final Publication