Volume XII, Issue XLII - June 2019


Individuals who struggle with gambling disorders seldom seek help, often hide their behavior from family members, and tend to have co-occurring substance use disorder (SUD) or mental health issues. In recognition of these challenges, IDHS/SUPR has supported increased outreach, including the development and promotion of the 1-800-GAMBLER Hotline and the WeKnowTheFeeling.org website and expansion of outreach services for organizations that provide dedicated gambling disorder services. In FY20, IDHS/SUPR is expanding services through screening, assessment, treatment, case management, community intervention and recovery support for IDHS/SUPR funded SUD treatment organizations. Training and technical assistance will be made available for organizations at the following levels:

All SUPR funded SUD treatment organizations: To better understand the scope of the problem in Illinois, IDHS/SUPR will be conducting a needs assessment. Part of that needs assessment will include data from a gambling screening/assessment process. Therefore, all SUPR funded SUD treatment organizations will need to screen and assess all patients as part of their intake process. DARTS will be adjusted to support reimbursement for this service beginning on July 1 - see the attached revised Section 7 of the Contractual Policy Manual for more details. Organizations who need additional time to prepare should contact their contract manager and arrange a start date if they are unable to begin screening on July 1. A webinar on how to administer SUPR approved screening tools will occur on June 27 from noon - 1 pm.

Next Steps - All IDHS/SUPR Funded SUD Treatment Organizations: Register now for the Assessing & Screening for Problem Gambling and Gambling Disorder Webinar, June 27, 2019, 12 pm - 1 pm, https://morneaushepell.zoom.us/j/743518363.

Organizations with Dedicated Gambling Programs: Dedicated gambling programs offer a full array of services including prevention programming, outreach services, screening, assessments, treatment, case management, and recovery support services. A Notice of Funding Opportunity has been posted for organizations that are interested in becoming a dedicated program. Applications are due June 14. Letters of Intent are requested, but not required, by June 7th.

Next Steps - Potential Dedicated Programs: Apply for the Notice of Funding Opportunity, due June 14, 2019 at noon, https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=117608This NOFO specifies a need for applications in the Central and Southern regions of the state, but there is also a need for services for youth, individuals experiencing homelessness, justice involved populations, older adults, and populations of color. There is a wide need for gambling services throughout the state and funding is available. Licensed organizations throughout the state are encouraged to partner with other organizations who might have different cultural or language competencies.

Organizations with Qualified Staff: Organizations may register qualified staff to provide gambling services, even if the organization does not have a dedicated gambling program. Qualified staff include those who meet the professional staff requirements specified in Part 2060.309 and who are either certified to treat gambling disorders or who attended IDHS/SUPR's 30-hour training. Please refer to the attached revised Section 7 of the Contractual Policy Manual for more information about reimbursement.

Next Steps - Potential Organizations with Qualified Staff:

  • Submit the SUPR Gambling Disorder Professional Staff Form to the SUPR Help Desk DoIT.SUPRHelp@illinois.gov to register your organization to provide gambling disorder treatment services.
  • Staff who need training should register for the 30 Hour Certification Training on June 19, 20, 21, 26, and 28 at the Thompson Center, 100 West Randolph in Chicago. Download the registration brochure at: https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=117443.

If you have any questions about training, please contact:

Robby Fuqua, Training Coordinator
Morneau Shepell
(773) 984-4818

For other gambling-related questions, please contact:

Gajef McNeil, Contract Manager
(618) 241-6866