Volume XII, Issue XLI - May 2019

From: Danielle L. Kirby, Director
Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery


The Illinois Department of Human Services/Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (IDHS/SUPR) is pleased to announce 13 new State Opioid Response (SOR) grantees, chosen through competitive bids. IDHS/SUPR received over $44 million this year in funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to address the opioid crisis in the state of Illinois.

These SOR providers will support Illinois residents with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and their families in all stages of recovery through: Digital Toolkit Recovery Supports, Residential Stabilization Centers, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services in Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Digital Toolkit Recovery Support Awards

IDHS/SUPR awarded five (5) providers a total of $1 million in SOR funds to pilot SOR Digital Toolkit Recovery Support projects (NOFO# 19-444-26-2007). Digital Toolkit Recovery Supports will provide secure, individualized digital resources to Illinois residents with OUD who are seeking or are currently in treatment. Digital Toolkit Recovery Supports will be tailored to patients' technology ownership and use and will be integrated with current treatment approaches to support long-term recovery.

Below are the five (5) organizations that were granted Digital Toolkit Recovery Support funding:

Gateway Foundation
Chicago, IL

Kenneth Young Center
Elk Grove Village, IL

Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center
Chicago, IL

Phoenix Recovery Support Services, LLC
Chicago, IL

South Suburban Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
East Hazel Crest, IL

Awards for Residential Stabilization Centers for Patients with OUD

IDHS/SUPR awarded $3,000,000 of SOR funds to three (3) organizations to provide Residential Stabilization Centers (RSC) for Patients with OUD (NOFO# 19-444-26-1760-01). These short-term RSC's will provide safe, short-term housing for Illinois residents with OUD who are in crisis, and/or individuals with OUD who may need additional support in a residential setting during the first few days of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Below are the three (3) organizations awarded to provide RSC for Patients with OUD:

Loretto Hospital
Chicago, IL

Family Guidance Centers
Glenview, IL

Women's Treatment Center
Chicago, IL

Federally Qualified Health Centers funded to provide Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Services

IDHS/SUPR awarded $3.3 million of SOR funds to Five (5) Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC's) to provide patients with OUD MAT services (NOFO# 19-444-26-1757-01). This program aims to increase the availability of OUD MAT and recovery support services for Illinois residents and their families who are currently in need of OUD intervention and treatment. FQHC's chosen for this program will provide a range of recovery support and case management services, FQHC-based MAT for OUD, and outpatient treatment for uninsured or underinsured Illinois residents with a diagnosed OUD.

The following FQHC's were funded to provide these OUD MAT services:

Crossing Healthcare
Decatur, IL

Greater Elgin Family Care Center
Elgin, IL

Heartland Health Centers
Chicago, IL

Lawndale Christian Health Center
Chicago, IL

Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation, Inc.
Sauget IL

Further information regarding the state's State Opioid Response Grants can be found on our website at https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=110663

IDHS/SUPR chooses 13 new State Opioid Response grantees through a competitive bidding process.