2019 Ligas Compliance Review Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will only CILAs be visited or will the surveyors visit ICF/DDs and DT associated with it?
    1. The representative sample is made up of Ligas class members who are receiving CILA services. Reviews will include visits to the CILA and other waiver program sites frequented by the individual. ICF/DDs will not be visited.
  2. We had an early visit from the compliance on February 20. They worked with his QDIP as we did not have the CILA director onsite that day. Could you share the results of that visit or indicate How I am to lean about them?
    1. At this time, the Division does not have the outcomes regarding specific visits. Once these are received we will be able to share information with you.
  3. How do provider agencies know if someone they serve is a Ligas class member or if they will be a part of the compliance reviews?
    1. Essentially, every adult that entered the adult waiver since the Ligas Consent Decree went into effect should be viewed as a Ligas class member and, potentially, part of the compliance review sample. Initially, all persons who were part of the Ligas Class had special Ligas Transition Plans. Later, the use of the transition plan was dropped and replaced by the person-centered planning process (Discovery and Personal Plan). Currently, only persons receiving CILA services are being considered for the compliance reviews.
  4. We have received information that a total of 12 surveyors have been trained to conduct these reviews. Will all 12 be present for each provider agency visit?
    1. Typically only 1 of the trained surveyors will be present for each on-site review.
  5. How long will the on-site portion of the survey last?
    1. Surveyors will be on-site for 2-3 days for each person in the sample. The specific dates of the on-site portion of the review will be announced in advance by the surveyor who will contact both the CILA and day program sites to schedule the visit. The on-site review will include:
      • Interview with the person receiving services
      • Interview with staff CILA and day service site
      • Review of the environments used by the person receiving services
      • Medication review
      • Review of records not received prior to the on-site visit
  6. When will the Ligas Compliance Monitoring project be completed?
    1. Survey activity is expected to continue through the end of December 2019.
  7. Where can I review the survey tool that outlines what the Ligas surveyors will be assessing?
    1. The complete survey tool is available here: 2019 Ligas Compliance Review Tool (pdf)