WAG 02-07-03-n Asset Verification System (AVS)

PM 02-07-03-n

New TextIES is programmed to identify individuals in a TOA that require a verification of resources as part of their initial or ongoing medical eligibility. IES prevents AVS searches from being processed within 60 days from a previous request. Review the ECR and case comments for recent AVS results and request a search for months of eligibility needed to make a determination using the web based portal.

Note: Report searches triggered by IES requested within 60 days of a previous search to IFAST.

Staff must verify that an AVS search is requested as required for relevant AABD TOAs during:

  • application (Intake);
  • redetermination;
  • EDG's transitioning to an AVS relevant TOA;
  • member adds; and
  • program adds.

The AVS Web Portal remains active for special situations such as Direct Account Searches. When the AVS Portal is used and resource information is returned, upload the report to the ECR.

Refer to WAG 07-02 for guidance on how to process resources. New Text.

TaskNew Text.

An 'AVS Search Results (with date)' task is created when accounts are found. To complete the task, review the AVS report to determine if any follow up with the customer is needed (See the Verification Checklist (VCL) section for further details).

Verification Check List (VCL)New Text.

Review accounts found by AVS with what the customer reported to determine if a VCL is needed.

  • If the AVS results match the amount the customer reported, no further action required; or
  • If the AVS results do not match the amount the customer reported, follow the procedures listed in the table below:
Client Statement is: AVS Results: Action:

Declares Resources Under the Limit,

Including 0

Over Resource Limit Send a VCL
Declares Resources Over the Limit Over Resource Limit Use AVS Results

Declares Resources Under the Limit,

Including 0

Under Resource Limit Use AVS Results
Does Not Declare Over Resource Limit Send a VCL
Does Not Declare Under Resource Limit Use AVS Results

Declared Resource(s)

Over or Under the Limit

Nothing Found Send a VCL

Case CommentNew Text.

A worker must enter a case comment when sending a VCL requesting further verification of assets after AVS results have been received.

AVS Web PortalNew Text.

Initiate an AVS search (Adhoc)

To access the AVS Web Portal visit: il.pcgusavs.com. Review the case comments for the following entry prior to initiating a request in AVS Web Portal: AVS Request has been submitted for Individuals - First/Last Name. Results will be available Deleted Text.. Review prior AVS search results, and the Liquid Resource page in IES for known financial information for each individual. To view previous searches:

  • Log on to the AVS Web Portal,
  • Select the magnifying glass icon,
  • Enter any of the following (using the SSN will help reduce the amount of search results):
    • Social Security Number (SSN),
    • Last Name and First Name, or
    • Case Number.
  • Select 'Search',
  • Select the case to be reviewed, and
  • Select 'Eligibility History'.

Previous AVS search results will be displayed with the following information:

  • Name of Financial Institution (FI),
  • Account Type,
  • Account Number, and
  • Ending Balance.

If AVS do not have any previous search results, a zero will be displayed. See the Eligibility History help video by selecting the ? icon located on the AVS Web Portal.

If IES or AVS does not show that a search has been performed within the last 90 days, initiate the request. Users will need to allow IES to build the EDG before submitting a request for an AVS search. After IES has built the EDG, the user will enter the targeted TOA in the "Request Type" field (See PM 02-07-03-n for the list of TOAs that require an AVS search). The AVS Web Portal requires the TOA to be entered along with the following information:

  • Applicant Type (Application or Renewal),
  • Request Type (TOA), HH size (1 or 2),
  • District (DHS or HFS),
  • Name,
  • Social Security Number (SSN),
  • Gender,
  • Date of Birth,
  • Application Date, and
  • Physical Address.

Each AVS search may contain a maximum of 2 individuals, an additional request will be required for each additional individual(s). When a single request contains 2 individuals, the individuals need to be linked together as spouses (this field is mandatory and does not mean the individuals are actually spouses). Review AVS 2.0 User Guide (pdf) for instructions on adding a spouse. AVS requires the individual's physical address to be entered. Enter a case comment in IES for each AdHoc request.

Note: Allow 10 calendar days for search results to be returned.

Note: Verify resource transfers for all individuals applying for or receiving Long Term Care Support Services (LTSS).

AVS Web Portal Direct Account Search - Liquid Resources

The AVS system offers users the ability to search a specific FI that was not included in the AVS search results known as Direct Account Search. To select a FI for a direct search:

  • Select the individual from the AVS Case Queue,
  • Select the 'Account Information' tab,
  • Select 'Add Additional Bank(s) for Verification',
  • Enter the name of the bank,
  • Select 'Search',
  • Select the bank from the search results (when multiple locations for the same bank are returned, the user only needs to select 1 to conduct the search), and
  • Select 'Save'.

Enter a case comment in IES for each Direct Account Search.

Note: The Direct Account Search will take 10 calendar days.

AVS Web Portal Search Results

Select the desired case from the AVS Case Queue screen to view application, account, property, and eligibility information. Compare the results returned by AVS to reported and/or known information. Customers must verify all declared or known resources not found by AVS. Refer cases to OIG when verified resource transfer(s) are equal to or above the allowable transfer limit (see PM 07-02-20 for the resource transfer limit) or if they are questionable or unexplained.

Liquid Resources: Enter all liquid resource information received from AVS that is needed to make an eligibility determination on the Liquid Resource page in IES. See PM/WAG 07-02-00 for the policy and procedures for assets.

Real Property: Enter all real property information received from AVS that is needed to make an eligibility determination on the IES Real Property page. See PM/WAG 07-02-04 for the policy and procedures for real property.

Note: Do not rely solely on the AVS clearance to make eligibility determinations. 

Leave a Comment in the AVS Portal

The AVS Portal includes the ability for users to leave comments for other users such as "On December 5, 2018, AVS search results verified an undisclosed resource located at Bank of America. Check to make sure that BoA is included in the search results on the next REDE".

IES Case Comment

Enter a case comment noting the actions taken such as:

  • Date of request;
  • Type of request: redetermination or application;
  • Added a FI (enter name(s) of FIs added) using the Direct Account search function;
  • If AVS does not locate an account, enter No Accounts Found;
  • If AVS returns asset account information, enter accounts found AVS pdf uploaded to ECR; and
  • Other information necessary to complete the review.

Electronic Case Record (ECR)

When the AVS Portal returns asset account information, upload the AVS pdf to the ECR.

Passwords and Security Questions

Use your security questions that were completed during the initial log in to help reset your password. Select the 'I forgot my password' link on the AVS log in page, enter your username and select 'Next', provide the answers to the security questions and select 'Next', enter your new password, confirm your new password and select 'Reset Password'.