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  • Children's summer camp fees can be paid for eligible TANF customers through a contract with the American Camping Association.
  • Downstate TANF cases were mailed CN 19.04/CN19.04S (pdf), Children's Camp on 04/05/19.
  • TANF customers can call toll-free 1-866-543-2267 or 1-312-332-0833 between 04/15/19 and 05/31/19 to find out about camping possibilities for their children.

Contract with American Camping Association

DHS has a contract with the American Camping Association. Under this contract, the camp fee for eligible TANF customers can be paid.

Camping Notice


The American Camping Association provides a notice to inform TANF customers who reside outside of Cook County about this opportunity. Downstate TANF cases with children were sent CN 19.04/CN 19.04S (pdf), Children's Camp on 04/05/19.

Cook County:

Although camping slots in Cook County exist, those slots tend to fill quickly even without the benefit of a notice to customers. To avoid raising the hopes of a large number of TANF parents and their children for whom a camping spot may not be available, CN 19.04/CN 19.04S (pdf) is not being sent to clients who reside in Cook County.

Although Cook County residents do not receive a notice, they may call the phone numbers listed below to inquire about camping opportunities in their area.

Phone Numbers to Inquire about Camping Opportunities

TANF customers may call Toll Free 1-866-543-2267 (1-866-KID-CAMP) or 1-312-332-0833 between 04/15/19 and 05/25/19. 

Online Referrals

TANF customers may visit online at www.acail.org/idhs to complete an online form to request a referral. This method requires the TANF customer to have an email address. The TANF customer will receive notification on their referral status within 3 business days by email. The online referral form may be completed from a computer or mobile device.

Grace B. Hou

Secretary Designate, Illinois Department of Human Services

Forms referenced:

CN 19.04/CN 19.04S (pdf)