Early Intervention Clearinghouse

The Bureau of Early Intervention requires monthly expenditure information to be submitted for reimbursement using the Early Intervention Periodic Financial Report for Administrative Contracts (EIPFR-ADM) and Instructions To request the grantee's tailored copy of the EIPFR-ADM submit request to DHS.EIFiscal@illinois.gov

The Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Family and Community Services, awards a grant for the establishment and maintenance of an Early Intervention (EI) Clearinghouse (EIC), a resource for both the general public and EI professionals to access information and other resources related to EI issues. The EIC provides current, up-to-date information and reference materials that are used by parents to learn more about normal development and specific disabilities and by educators and EI professionals to maintain and improve competencies in the evaluation and treatment of children with developmental disabilities and delays. The EIC serves as a communication link between the EI Program and families served by the program through newsletters, a Web site, and reference and lending library services. The EIC maintains a federally required central directory.

The EI Clearinghouse will:

  • Maintain and expand an EIC lending library of books, DVDs, and other resources specific to early childhood/EI issues, with an emphasis on resources for families.
  • Maintain participation in the Illinois Heartland Library System (or equivalent system) to provide direct access through the Internet to multiple library collections.
  • Maintain and expand an EIC Internet website to help families access accurate, up-to-date information about EI principles and practice, normal child development, and about specific disabilities/delays and to publicize and increase exposure of the EIC as a statewide resource for EI professionals and families.
  • Maintain and expand the list of EIC resource guides related to early childhood/EI topics. Information should be made available on the EIC website or upon request. Work with the Illinois Early Intervention Training Program to provide resources guides that support professional training efforts.
  • Maintain a central directory on the EIC website that includes accurate, up-to-date information about: public and private EI services, resources and experts available in the State; professional and other groups including parent support, and training and information centers, such as those funded under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA ) 2004 that provide assistance to infants and toddlers with disabilities eligible under Part C of IDEA and their families; and research and demonstration projects being conducted in the State related to infants and toddlers with disabilities. Persons with limited English proficiency should have meaningful access to directory information. The directory will be made available on the EIC website and through a link to the EIC website from the IDHS' EI website. In addition, directory information will be provided in an electronic format to Child and Family Connections (CFC) offices to be printed and made available to families upon request.
  • Maintain a directory of EI CFC forms on the EIC website and provide translation services, as requested, to ensure forms are available in various languages.
  • Operate a toll-free number from 8:00am until 5:00pm; Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, to disseminate information to parents, the public, and EI professionals.
  • Publicize and increase exposure of the EIC as a statewide resource, specifically targeting parents. Efforts include, at a minimum, distribution of family-friendly public awareness materials and presentations about EIC services to CFC staff, EI providers, and families, displays at appropriate conferences and other events, and through the use of social media.
  • Develop, publish on the EIC website, and disseminate via an EIC list serve a quarterly newsletter. Provide hard copies to families upon request.
  • Update family resource documents including but not limited to: the Illinois Early Intervention Program: A Guide for Families; and, the Illinois EI brochure.
  • Provide a system for payments to parents for expenses related to participation in the Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention and its workgroups.
  • The Vendor will submit a quarterly report, including progress/status of milestones and deliverables in a format approved by the IDHS.