XII. Fiscal

A. End of Agreement Period

At the end of the Agreement period, the Department will issue a Close Out and Reconciliation Report to determine the relationship between total funds disbursed by the Department and actual funds earned and expended by the Provider.

The Department will include costs appropriately earned and/or expended for approved budget line items and supportive services payments issued to customers.

The Provider must reconcile the information contained in the report and certify its correctness. The Department will provide instructions for reimbursing the Department for disallowed costs, if necessary.

B. Work First Providers

Work First Providers must maintain records that verify costs incurred over the term of the Agreement. Records must be made available to the Department for cost reconciliation, monitoring and auditing purposes. The Provider must maintain monthly statements that identify direct and indirect costs incurred to administer the Work First Program. The statement must include the costs incurred for the month of service as well as cumulative totals over the term of the Agreement.

C. Profits

Profit is allowed only for "for profit" organizations as negotiated in the program budget. Any amount exceeding the budget approved profit amount will be considered program income and must be reinvested in the program and expended for uses under the original award.