DSP Classroom Curriculum Modules for Trainees

Illinois Department of Human Services

Division of Developmental Disabilities

Training Bulletin


Direct Support Persons Training (DSP) Classroom Curriculum Modules 1 to 6 (Draft revision)


The purpose of this Training Bulletin is to notify Division of Developmental Disabilities stakeholders throughout the service delivery system of the newly revised DSP Training Curriculum.

Process and Procedures:

The Department recognizes the need for an updated process regarding Direct Support Persons training. It is the intent of the department to distribute information materials seeking additional comments from community providers.

Bureau of Quality Enhancement is requesting agencies to submit comments for the revised DSP classroom training.

Effective Date:

Comments, suggestions and/or recommendations by December 31, 2018 to: DHS.DDDComments@illinois.gov

To request an accessible version of the documents, send request to: DHS.DDDComments@illinois.gov