CILA Compliance Score Standards

The table below describes the level of compliance earned by a CILA provider as a result of a BALC survey and explains the required corrective action where applicable.

Compliance Score CILA Level Description Explanation
100% Level 1 Full Compliance Provider is in full compliance with Rule 115
93-99% Level 2 Acceptable Compliance Provider is acceptably compliant with Rule 115
80-92% Level 3 Administrative Notice Written "Notice of Violations" has been issued listing each rule violation, notice is given that additional violations of Administrative Rule 115 may result in higher sanctions. An acceptable plan of corrections is required within 30 days.
70-79% Level 4 Probation Agency has received written notice of violations against Rule 115. A plan of correction is required within 30 days of notification. Additional rule violations of may result in higher sanctions.
69% or below Level 5 Restricted License Agency prohibited from admitting new individuals. Required corrective action must be completed within 60 days of notification. Failure to make corrective actions may subject agency to license revocation.