Recovery Community Organizations


Recovery community organizations are usually created by people in personal and/or family recovery in response to unmet needs in their communities. Often, they exist as voluntary advocacy and service organizations for some time before they have funding to support their activities on a more formal basis. They have learned that deliberate effort and regular adjustments to their plans and activities is required to strike a balance between building an organization that has the capacity to bring about real change and keeping an agenda focused on making a real difference in the lives of people in the recovery community. Recovery community organizations focus on the reality of long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. The recovery community organization, its leaders, and members have a singular goal: enhancing the quantity and quality of support available to people seeking and experiencing long-term recovery from addiction. Recovery community organizations are organized in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of their respective communities and goals. Core principles of vision, authenticity of voice, and accountability are often embodied but expressed in different ways. Some are statewide organizations, while others focus on serving the needs of local communities. All groups share three core principles - recovery vision; authenticity of voice; and accountability to the recovery community. Recovery community organizations have a majority (more than 50%) of board members in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction.


Chicago Recovering Communities Coalition (CRCC) is a (501©3) organization with the purpose of providing recovery support services to individuals in or seeking recovery from alcohol, other drugs, and mental illness. We are a peer driven and peer led Recovery Support Organization. We will strive to make a difference in people's lives by increasing public awareness of alcohol and drug dependency and mental health services. We will strive to make a difference in people's lives by increasing public awareness of alcohol and drug dependency and mental health

Our Mission:

CRCC will educate communities in the metro Chicago-Land area about the nature of addiction, recovery, and mental illness. CRCC will reduce stigma associated with addiction while giving back to the community and building relationships with diverse populations. CRCC will help individuals access and sustain long-term recovery.

Our Vision:

CRCC works to improve the greater Chicago area by helping those seeking or in recovery to reduce stigma associated with addiction by supporting prevention, treatment, and recovery. Chicago Recovery Communities Coalition organizes the recovery community (people in recovery, family members, friends, and allies) to:


is a 501(c)(3) organization comprised of recovery support service providers in Chicago, Illinois. Through its coalition structure, United MARC effectively synergizes advocacy efforts for families and individuals who have been affected by substance use and mental health challenges, while also coordinating to educate the public about recovery and the local resources available to those who seek it. United MARC provides a variety of recovery support services, including peer recovery coaching, workforce training and development, spiritual counseling, and life skills training. United MARC believes in a holistic approach and embraces the many pathways that lead to recovery.  The power of United MARC lies in recovery organizations combining their strengths and coming together to create one coalition dedicated to synergizing, enhancing, and growing recovery advocacy, education, and support within the Chicago metropolitan area. Visit the page of our United MARC providers for a look at the services each member organization brings to United MARC.

Our core mission is to build and manage a comprehensive system that supports the recovery of persons and communities impacted by addiction, mental illness and substance use. We do this through advocacy, education, public awareness and recovery support services.

Our vision is Addiction and Mental Health Recovery = Life Empowerment.