03.02.01 - Record Retention

Effective Date: 05/12/05,

Revisions: 10/01/14, 1/20/22

Policy Statement:

All child care case records must be retained in the office for one (1) year following the date of denial of the application or request for assistance or the date of closure or cancellation of the case, whichever is applicable. After the one year in-house retention period, the child care record may be transferred to the State Records Center for an additional four (4) years. An inventory of all records being sent must be taken and maintained by the CCR&R and Site Provider for the remainder of the retention period so files can be retrieved, if necessary. After the five-year retention period, records will be disposed of provided all audits (Federal and State) have been completed and no litigation is pending.


This policy applies to CCR&R, Site Provider Agency staff and IDHS Bureau of Child Care and Development staff.


  1. Basic Information
    1. There is no weight limit per box.
    2. Boxes may be sent to storage in groups. There is not a number limit on the group size.
    3. For each group of boxes sent to storage, a record transfer sheet and box label must be completed. The CCR&R or Site Provider agency must call Brian Brewer before a group of boxes are sent to storage.
    4. CCR&R or Site Provider agencies will be contacted before records are destroyed.
  2. Process
    1. Request boxes, transfer sheets, and box labels via e-mail at support@illinois3520.zendesk.com
    2. Pack boxes and complete the transfer sheets and labels.
      **Please note, there will be some information completed by Brian Brewer .
    3. Call Brian Brewer at (217) 786-6772 for an identification number and further instructions.

      Contact person: Brian Brewer (217) 786-6772
      Department of Human Services
      319 East Jefferson
      Springfield, IL  62702

  3. How to complete the Records Center Box Label
    1. Agency: Department of Human Services
    2. Division: Human Capital Development
    3. Department: Office of Family Support Services
    4. Records Schedule Number: 96-48
    5. Total Boxes this transfer: (Fill in when done packing boxes)
    6. Title and date of records: (Child Care files, Child Care certificates, and date sent)
    7. Series this box: (Complete when finished)
    8. Disposal date: 4 years from date sent
    9. Place the records center box label under the handle on the end of the box.
    10. Write the box number with black magic marker on the flap just above the handle (same end as label).
  4. How to complete the Records Transfer Sheet
    1. Agency: Department of Human Services
    2. Division: Human Capital Development
    3. Date: (Date sent)
    4. Department: Office of Family Support Services
    5. Individual to contact: (CCR&R staff sending records and Subsidy Coordinator)
    6. Phone: Brian Brewer, 217/786-6772 and CCR&R phone #
    7. Agency box #: (Will get this information from Brian Brewer )
    8. Title and date of records: (Child Care files, Child Care certificates, and Date sent)
    9. Schedule #: 96-48
    10. Item #: Check with Brian Brewer
    11. Disposal Date: Check with Brian Brewer
    12. Retention Period: Check with Brian Brewer
    13. Records Center Box #: Check with Brian Brewer
  5. Record Retrieval

    If a case record needs to be retrieved from the State Records Center, complete form IL444-1038.

    Send the original to:
    DHS Records Administrator
    5010 Industrial Drive
    Springfield, IL  62762

  6. Records to Retain

Do NOT send case records to the State Records Center if there are any outstanding audits, litigation, appeals or overpayments associated with the case that have not been fully recouped from the responsible party.  These files may be needed if future legal or administrative actions require documentation.