NEOMED service called SZconsult

Dear Community Providers:

Illinois DHS/DMH has been partnering with the Best Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) Center for three years, and the following invitation is being extended to psychiatrists practicing in Illinois. Please see below for the details from Dr. Messamore, and share with psychiatrists working with your agencies.

Dear Colleague,

I'm pleased to announce the launch of an exciting NEOMED service that we call SZconsult.

The service is based on the Project ECHO model - a system of education, collaborative learning, and consultation that is restoring connection, community, and joy in work to the practice of medicine.

You can read more about the Project ECHO model here:

Project ECHO was developed at the University of New Mexico and has been a great success with the clinicians who use it.

An ECHO session is a community of shared clinical experience and shared wisdom.

We will teach each other.

We will learn from each other.

We will solve clinical problems and change lives together.

SZconsult videoconference sessions take place every Tuesday at noon, eastern time.

The format will consist of a 15 minute didactic session (didactic schedule) followed by case discussion.

Our website is

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments. My contact info is in my signature block. You can also send email to

Best regards,