WebCM STEP Program Advisor Manual

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  • Work Verification - Each month the field office receives the form by the 15th (for the previous month) and then reviews, initials, signs and sends to the Program Advisor by the 20th.
  • Flowchart - At least quarterly, each field office reviews, initials and signs the form and sends to the Program Advisor.
  • Rollover - On June 30th of each year the total outcome hours and total outcome days roll over into the new fiscal year.  Very rarely, an adjustment needs to be made to these number.  The Program Advisor has access in order to make these adjustments.
  • Schools - Each provider has a school or schools assigned to them through which they serve STEP students.  A responsibility of the Program Advisor is to make certain that the correct schools are listed per provider based on the provider contract.  The user can add or delete a school from this page.  Adding a school requires a school search.  If the correct school is found it can be assigned to the provider.  To delete a school from the list the user needs to select that school and then they can delete it.
  • The Program Advisor also has the ability to view the STEP Detail page, Transition Services page, and the Work Site Agreement page including Timesheets.  On the Work Site Agreement page the Program Advisor can edit the start date if it has been entered in error.
  • Occasionally the Program Advisor must do some Troubleshooting to resolve an issue.
  • Look in WebCM Help for more detailed information regarding any topic.